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Terrorist drills in Rupganj, empty firing, panic in public, demand for arms recovery

Rupganj (Narayanganj) Correspondent: In the Bocharbagh area of ​​Tarabo municipality in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj, terrorists opened fire on Monday, June 21. At this time panic spread in the minds of the people. The women and children panicked and ran around. It has been alleged that the exercise of illegal weapons is being carried out under the leadership of Rajib Hossain, son of Chalauddin of Mahmudabad village in Murapara union of Rupganj upazila under the umbrella of Awami League leaders and activists. Locals have demanded the release of illegal weapons.Extreme panic is prevailing in the area in the last 15 days due to the exercise of some such weapons. There are allegations that these terrorists are becoming more and more reckless under the umbrella of local political leaders. In the shelter of those leaders, the number of armed people is increasing to control the drug trade in the area. Almost every day, terrorists are training with weapons. Terrorist Rajib Hossain is so strong that no one dares to protest or complain against him. The victims are silently enduring his torture. They are being attacked only if they complain about the distance of the case.

Witnesses said the terrorists were creating panic in the surrounding areas of Murapara Union including Mahmudabad, Machimpur, Baraipar, Banshinagar, Mirkutircheo, Howlipara, Tongirghat, Parain, Narsingal and Kaitarbari. They are competing to move, carry and display illegal firearms. A group of 25/30 people including Mohammad Ali, Riaz Hossain, Pardesi Shafiq of Machimpur village, Rajib Hossain’s associates with firearms, Ram Da, knife, iron rod, SS pipe, practiced in Bocharbagh area with multiple firearms. Empty shots fired. The matter was reported to the Rupganj police but the weapons were not seized. There are arrest warrants against many of them. Though arrest warrants have been issued against all these terrorists, they are absconding in the police register. And in the afternoon he is rehearsing with his arms raised. But the police are not arresting them. Police could not recover any weapon except one or two used in all the killings in Murapara area. If the weapons used in the exercise are not recovered, the locals think that there could be another murder in Murapara.

Murapara UP Chairman Alhaj Tofail Ahmed Almach on June 1 accused 14 people including Mohammad Ali (32) and Riaz (20), son of Abdul Latif of Dewanbari village in Machimpur and Rajib Hossain (30), son of Chalauddin of Mahmudabad village and lodged a complaint with Rupganj Upazila Executive Officer . He made the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning drug dealing have been made more than once. But to no avail. Although arrest warrants have been issued against many of them, the police are not arresting them.

According to the locals, Rajib Hossain, who has been involved in the politics of Awami Juba League for a long time, has been controlling terrorists, extortion, occupation of fish farms, land grabbing and drug trade. They think that the exercise of Rajib Hossain and his other associates with arms is an expression of muscle nudity. Armed terrorists have become reckless in Mahmudabad and Machimpur areas. The main goal of the gun owners is to control the drug trade and spread extortion with various types of domestic weapons including illegal firearms.

Abu Saleh Ahmed of Ruposhi village, who witnessed the weapons exercise, said that he went to Karnagop on June 20 at 11:15 am via Bocharbagh in Tarabo municipality. At that time, a group of youths were going towards Gandharbapur while firing blank shots with the help of weapons coming from the opposite direction. From this procession, two young men raised their weapons and fired three blank shots. Pedestrians and locals panicked. Abdul Awal of Bocharbagh village said those involved in the incident should be brought under the law immediately. Displaying weapons or intimidation cannot be legal. Daisara duty of the police has stunned the locals. Such terrorist activities will spread all over the country if the weapons are recovered without the help of the experts. Others will be encouraged.

On November 29, 2016, Rahima of Haulipara village in Murapara was slaughtered and killed. Rajib Hossain is the accused in this incident. Case No. 80 (11) 2018 of Rupganj Police Station. Due to previous hostilities, Rajib Hossain and his associates tried to kill Shaon Mia, son of Alam Mia of Machimpur village on June 26, 2016 and looted cash, mobile sets and motorcycles. Case No. 91 (7) 2018 in Rupganj Police Station. On April 22, 2019, Rehena Akhter, a member of Murapara UP and owner of the cable TV network of Messrs. Ashik Enterprise, was attacked and financially damaged by the business. A case was filed against Rajib Hossain and his associates at Rupganj police station.

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