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Tendulkar’s secret transaction leaked in ‘Pandora Papers’

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Six years after the much-discussed Panama Papers, Pandora Papers has made a similar splash. The newly leaked Pandora Papers contains information about secret financial transactions of famous and expensive people. The secret documents were released by the International Committee of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

It features the name of pop star Shakira, as well as the infamous Italian mafia Rafael Amator, who is accused of dozens of murders. Among them is the news of the offshore investment of Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar.

ICIJ documents have revealed that celebrities have made secret investments in foreign companies, starting with fake bank accounts. There are news of various luxury assets hiding their identities, such as private planes, pleasure boats, houses, there is also news of secret owners of works of famous artists.

According to the document, in 2013, Sachin’s family had invested in an organization in the British Virgin Islands. Not only him, his wife Anjali Tendulkar and father-in-law Anand Mehta have also invested there. The three of them had a total of 28 shares. In all, Tendulkar’s family had invested around Rs 250 crore there. However, it is said that in 2016, Tendulkar and his family withdrew all the money by monetizing the investment.

His lawyer has expressed surprise that Tendulkar’s name came up in Pandora. He admits that Sachin Tendulkar has investments abroad. But none of this is a secret. His lawyer commented, ‘Tendulkar has investments abroad, but all are legitimate. Everything has been done before informing the appropriate authorities before making those investments. ‘

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