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‘Teen gangs will not exist in the country’


Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, director general of the Rapid Action Battalion (DG), said there would be no juvenile gang in the country. ‘Law enforcement agencies have the capacity to crack down on crime. Law enforcement agencies are working to curb crime through positive competition.

He said, ‘RAB is arresting people involved in crime and bringing them under the law. There is no political pressure to control the crime of juvenile gangs.’
He was speaking as the chief guest at the Shadow Parliament Debate Competition titled ‘Misuse of Social Media to Increase Juvenile Crime’ organized by the National Film Development Corporation (FDC) Debate for Democracy at Tejgaon in the capital on Saturday (June 5).

Chairman of Debate for Democracy Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiran presided over the function.
The RAB director general said that the crime trend is increasing through the use of several digital apps including TickTock. That’s why a high-level committee is reviewing how to shut down malicious apps. ‘

He said, ‘A list of those involved in crime is being made using social media. No one will be able to cross by committing a crime. However, in today’s technology-driven society, we need to work to improve our quality of life by using technology in a positive way, not by eliminating it.

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