September 28, 2021, 7:21 am

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Tea Workers Have Locked The Gate Of The Factory At Chunarughat

Mir Jamal: The manager of Nalua tea garden in Chunarughat has been accused of stealing trees. There has been dissatisfaction among the workers. Tea workers have locked the factory gate with a garden strike. Tea garden workers went on strike on Saturday morning, May 29. Their allegation is that Iftekhar Enam, the manager of the tea garden, brought a car from outside without using the garden car and smuggled the trees outside the garden at night.

In the eyes of the workers, they expressed their anger and joined the movement. Workers say why the tea garden trees will go out? If necessary, the workers will go into intense movement. Asked about this, Bagte Bagan manager Iftekhar Enam said that the wood for the doors and windows of the house has been sent out. The truck was going to work in the garden elsewhere. So it has be

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