September 27, 2021, 4:20 am

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Sylhet strike is not unraveling, spring cuckoos ahead !

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet: There has been speculation in the minds of the people about the 72-hour strike called by the Stone Traders and Transport Owners Workers Unity Council demanding the opening of the Sylhet Stone Quarry. Wednesday (December 23) was the second day of the Sylhet division. But in no way is this strike unraveling.

It is learned that a vested interest group is trying to create anarchy in the name of strike to put the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in trouble. The strike, which started from Sylhet division, is trying to spread across the country. This is making the whole country existential.

Some so-called unscrupulous stone traders are also looting political benefits by capitalizing on the strike. In addition, some transport workers who have become the cuckoo of the new spring in the government party are closely involved with it. Some stone traders are using this insidious palace as a tool to take advantage of the situation in the tourist area of Jaflong is darkening the environment.

Transport workers or stone workers now! As a result, speculations have appeared in the minds of the people of Sylhet. The movement calling for strike is heating up as time goes on. However, the administration is playing a silent role against this baseless movement. This insidious mahal is provoking transport workers all over the country by raising an issue.

As well as protecting privacy, gas-powered autorickshaws continue to try to lead CNG transport workers under their leadership. The gap is just a temptation to show people by creating different issues. Sometimes against the administration and sometimes in the name of realizing some of their demands, their main objective is to disrupt public life.

Why did the gas-powered autorickshaw CNG transport workers call a strike at the same time as the strike called by the Stone Traders and Transport Owners Workers Unity Council? Attempts are being made to inform the government by building a rapport with each other as planned.

It is learned that some of the transport workers behind this movement are the top labor leaders of Sylhet district transport level. Some of them are pro-BNP and some are members of various unnamed organizations. Many are also accused of attacking former Awami League leader, MP Safiq Chowdhury and vandalizing cars. Many of them are running in court again as accused in extortion case.

Someone is gaining their own interests by joining the new government. Strikes and movements are going on in such a situation. The transport sector of Sylhet is trapped in this anarchy and corruption. But the administration is playing a silent role for mysterious reasons.

The same is true of gas-powered autorickshaws in the CNG transport sector. If it is not remedied immediately, the government will have to pay compensation.

Meanwhile, the strike of petrol pumps has started from Wednesday. Suddenly no one understands the reason for these strikes. Moreover, the administration is not looking into what is being indicated by this strike.

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