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Sylhet district BNP council has to be completed by November

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BNP Vice Chairman Prof Dr AZM Zahid Hossain said the pro-democracy people of the country, who are restless under Awami misrule, are eagerly waiting for their release. Patriotic people are looking to BNP to get rid of Awami Jahiliyat. Shahid Zia’s BNPE established the 1st multi-party democracy in the country. So the blow to democracy is actually the people relying on the BNP. The BNP is fully preparing for the movement to restore democracy to make the demands of the people a reality. As part of this, the BNP has given importance to the nationwide party restructuring process.

He said it is not possible to face the challenge of Awami Fascism without strong organization. And if the grassroots BNP is strong, the party will also be strong. Because grassroots BNPE is the lifeblood of the party. No more time can be wasted. Unconfirmed wards, unions, municipalities and upazila BNP conferences have to be completed by October. The district BNP council has to be completed by November.

He was speaking as the chief guest at an extended meeting organized by the Sylhet district BNP on Saturday. The meeting held in the hall room of an elite hotel in the city was attended by members of the district convening committee, conveners of all the upazila and municipal BNP under the district. At the meeting, district and upazila leaders were given necessary directions to complete the council.

District BNP convener Kamrul Huda Jagirdar presided over the meeting and 1st member Abul Kaher Chowdhury Shamim addressed the meeting as special guest. At the beginning of the meeting, Moinul Haque Chowdhury, a member of the district BNP convening committee and chairman of Osmaninagar Upazila Parishad, recited from the Holy Quran.

Speaking as the chief guest, Dr. AZM Zahid Hossain, the organizational leader of Sylhet Division BNP, said that Sylhet district is a strong base of BNP. Sylhet BNP has a glorious history in all movements and struggles. If this trend is to continue, the grassroots BNP needs to be strengthened. The interests of the nation and the party should be given priority by avoiding individual and petty interests. The party will be restructured through dedicated and active leaders. In order to organize the BNP at the district, upazila, municipality, union and ward level, it is necessary to forget all differences and build a solid unity. No parliamentary election will be allowed in the country without a neutral government. The BNP will not back down from this decision. The next course of action will be determined by identifying all the flaws of the past. In this case, everyone must abide by the decision of the team. There is no alternative to implementing the directives of Acting Chairman Deshnayak Tareq Rahman to free the country’s leader Begum Khaleda Zia from house arrest and restore democracy destroyed by Awami misrule.

The meeting was attended by Sylhet District BNP Convening Committee members Advocate Abdul Gaffar, Abdul Qayyum Chowdhury, Professor Samia Begum Chowdhury, Abdul Mannan, Fakhrul Islam Faruk, Mahbubur Rob Chowdhury Faisal, Mamunur Rashid Mamun, Ishtiaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Advocate Emranik. Paplu, Mazharul Islam Dalim, Abdul Ahad Khan Jamal, Mahbubul Haque Chowdhury, Abul Kashem. Among the leaders present were Upazila Convener AKM Tareq Kalam, South Surma Upazila Convener Md Tofazzal Hossain, Golapganj Upazila Convener Dr Abdul Gafur, Gowainghat Upazila Convener Md Osman Gani and Zakiganj Upazila Convener Kawsar Rashid Bahar. Jaintapur Upazila Convener ABM Zakaria, Bishnath Upazila Convener Committee 1st Member Jalal Uddin Chairman, Golapganj Municipal BNP Convener Hasan Imad, Zakiganj Municipal BNP Convener Iqbal Ahmed, Beanibazar Upazila Convener Nazrul Islam Khan, Beanibazar Municipal BNP Convener Nurul Hudat Upazila convener Abbas Uddin, Kanaighat municipal BNP convener Abidur Rahman, Osmaninagar upazila convener Jarid Ahmed, Companiganj upazila representative Md Ali Akbar, Fenchuganj upazila representative Wahiduzzaman Chowdhury Sufi, Bishnath municipal BNP representative Ahmed Nur Uddin and others. Speaking as the special guest, Dr. Sakhawat Hasan Jibon said that the BNP is still in its glory despite the government’s relentless oppression. BNP is a big party. So it is normal to have leadership competition here. However, everyone should keep an eye on it so that it does not turn into revenge. We have to cross a difficult path ahead. That is why everyone must work to forget discrimination to build a united and well-organized grassroots BNP.

Speaking as the special guest, Kalim Uddin Ahmed Milon said, “Awami fascism is pressing like a rock on the neck of the nation.” They are confusing the nation by talking about development by completely destroying democracy. If they develop so much then why are they so afraid to give a neutral election. Because they know that if there is a neutral vote, they will be rejected by the people. So they are conspiring to stay in power at gunpoint for the sake of development. The soldiers of Shaheed Zia have to play a leading role in thwarting all conspiracies and restoring democracy.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamrul Huda Jagirdar said the party restructuring process is underway. Due to the Corona epidemic we were not able to complete the council in the desired time. However, the team restructuring process has not stopped. During the Corona period, BNP stood by the helpless people. Now everything is starting to be normal. The team restructuring process is also moving fast. We will make the Union, Municipal and Upazila Conference successful within the stipulated time. Then I will complete the district council. For this, everyone has to work in unison, avoiding petty interests.

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