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‘Sustainable and moderate use of resources is essential to combat climate change’

Tarikul Islam, Khulna: Humans have faced disasters today in using the environment for their needs. Climate change is currently affecting the world. If this process of environmental degradation continues, the earth will become uninhabitable in the next century. Excessive consumption of resources than necessary can bring great danger to us. For this reason, emphasis should be placed on waste prevention and recycling. To deal with climate change, emphasis should be placed on sustainable and moderate use of resources.
These words came up in the discussion meeting of the Khulna city adolescent’s group members who were involved in the project on sustainable consumption with journalists from different media.
At the meeting organized by JJS on Saturday morning at Caritas, Khulna conference room, the adolescents said, “We want to change ourselves first, not the society.” If you change yourself, society will change easily. The impact of climate change can be greatly reduced by our small efforts.
Laiju, a member of the adolescents group of Ward No. 28, said that water and coal are used to produce electricity. If electricity is wasted, these are also wasted. Waste of paper reduces trees. Methane in plastic does not degrade over time. It pollutes the soil. On the other hand, even if it is burnt, it causes environmental pollution. For this, you have to practice using jute silt. Plastic bottles should be recycled. A fountain pen should be reused rather than thrown away. If one tree is cut, four saplings should be planted.
About the use of water, member in Ward No. 28, Rafida Akter said, many people in our area do not get water from their tube wells. It is important to prevent wastage now to avoid water crisis. He urged to develop some habits to prevent wastage including turning off the tap properly after washing hands or showering, not leaving the tap while brushing, not putting extra water in the glass after drinking, not letting it get wasted through wasa or other water pipe leaks (holes).

Shimla, a member of Ward No. 8, spoke about the use of electricity. He said to prevent wastage of electricity by making a habit of working in daylight, using LED lights, not turning on TV, lights, fan unnecessarily, keeping TV off while using mobile phone. He also said that currently there is a fatal crisis of electricity. A fuel crisis has developed. Due to the use of coal to generate electricity, the temperature of the environment is increasing.
Pia, a member of Ward No. 28, spoke about developing some habits to prevent food wastage. He said that developing habit of not taking extra food on the plate, keeping it in the fridge or giving it to others, use it before spoils. He also said that farmers are using chemical fertilizers to produce additional food, which is fatally harmful to the environment.
The discussion was conducted by Baishakhi Sarkar, member of adolescent’s group Ward No. 6 and Rakibul Islam Nayem, member of Ward No. 13.
JJS Executive Director ATM Zakir Hossain, Program Director MM Chishty, Project Officer Zayed Bin Azad, Ratan Biswas and journalists from electronics and print media were present.
Incidentally, JJS is implementing a project titled “Adolescent led Sustainable Consumption Education for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project” in collaboration with Shapla Neer and Mitsubishi Corporation in Khulna city. The project was launched on November 1, 2020 to raise awareness about sustainable use of resources to mitigate the effects of climate change at the family and community level, including among adolescents. At present, in 9 wards of Khulna City Corporation, 9 adolescent groups are being taught about sustainable consumption. The work is going on to make them aware and motivated about sustainable consumption so that they themselves can ensure sustainable consumption in their lives and inspire others to adopt sustainable consumption.

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