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Suicide is not the solution to live for yourself

Sinthiya Sumi: Suicide is a great sin, suicide has been discouraged in every religion and the suicide bomber has been given a stern warning for life after death. However, in the ages, countless people have given up the illusion of life due to various worldly problems, have chosen the path of suicide without thinking about their family, and have never heard that anything has been solved through suicide. Even if one chooses the path of death by not being able to deal with many problems properly on the way, the problems of this world and the hereafter become bigger.

Many people comment that they seem to be free from the problem of suicide. Frustrated because of the problem, they choose the path of suicide, there is no solution to those problems, so there is no way for other people to overcome such problems in the future, many more people choose the path of death in their personal life problems, frustration.

A person very close to me committed suicide a decade ago. The problems that led to suicide were solved with a little tact and patience. Not only the people close to me, news of suicide deaths is heard almost regularly. Suicide due to marital quarrels, suicide due to unrest due to extramarital affairs, suicide due to not getting good results in exams, suicide due to lack of persecution, suicide due to lack of documents, suicide due to failure in love, suicide due to frustration in family rule. Many give up the illusion of life and choose the path of suicide, which is not desirable.

There was no specific age or upper-class difference in the suicide list. Anyone from the ordinary family to the wealthy ends up frustrated with life and frustrated at not being able to find a solution to the problem, many people who are involved in great professions like medical profession to help people recover from their illness and also die in despair. Chose. It is the person with a weak mentality who gets frustrated when he falls into a problem, when he is mentally broken, instead of trying to solve the problem, he chooses the path of hateful suicide instead of thinking about the family, without thinking about the strict religious rules.

Although there is a strict religious prohibition on suicide and the provision of afterlife punishment, it is not clear why people want to face the afterlife punishment knowingly to get rid of worldly problems. The afterlife punishment is more terrible than any problem and difficult situation in the world. Many people who commit suicide say many religious things before they die, but become ignorant of what they are doing wrong, choose to die out of fear of dealing with the problem, death by suicide does not mean solution, not liberation but suicide The solution is, there is no precedent for overcoming the problem.

We have to try our best to get out of the problems of the world, there is a solution to any problem. All the necessary steps can be taken to solve the problem without keeping it in yourself or in the family. Values ​​will be lost, family will be discredited, humiliated or the situation that has arisen will not be able to be handled, maximum effort should be made to solve the problem by giving up such mentality. It must be remembered that a suicide gives birth to many more problems, destroys the trust of the family, destroys the family and one’s own dreams.

Whenever I feel that I should commit suicide, I should try my best to solve the problem, I should talk to the people and relatives about the problem, if it is not solved in this way or if the problem is of legal complexity, I have to take legal recourse, I have to face the problem. Whether it is for or against. People come to the world only once, there will be problems in human life, we have to go beyond them, failure does not mean the end of life. Success in life does not mean survival without problems. Success is the name of living by respecting religious values, thinking about oneself, thinking about family and avoiding suicidal thoughts.

Author: Student, Department of History
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology – Gopalganj.

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