May 18, 2022, 4:04 pm

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Suffering on Demra-Rupganj-Kaliganj road is extrem

Rashedul islam, Rupganj (Narayangnj): The four-kilometer road from Mushuri on the Demra-Rupganj-Kaliganj road to Kanchan Bridge has become unusable. Holes have been created in places. Somewhere in the creation there is water equal to the knees and somewhere equal to the waist. Every day, light transport overturns and accidents happen. Pedestrians are unable to move on either side of the road. Mud is scattered in the middle of the paved road. The suffering of the locals is increasing. The locals claimed that the road was in such a dilapidated condition due to the uninterrupted movement of stone lorries and freight trucks.

Due to such dilapidated condition of the road, the suffering of the local people has also become extreme. Turning to the ground, it can be seen that the people who come to Rupganj Upazila Sadar, Thana Police, Sub-Registry Office, Main Post Office, Upazila Health Complex to get services are suffering. The road is collapsing due to the movement of brick trucks. The road is becoming useless day by day due to the movement of heavy vehicles including stone trucks in the dark of night. The vehicle became useless due to water entering the engine of the light vehicle due to freezing of food in some places.

El presidente de Rupganj Upazila, Salahuddin Bhuiyan, dijo: “Aunque la carretera Demra-Rupganj-Kaliganj es LEGD, la he reparado más de una vez con mis fondos personales”. He informado a las autoridades interesadas. Espera que pronto se repare la carretera. El ingeniero de Rupganj Upazila, Mohammad Jalaluddin, dijo que el trabajo de desarrollo de la carretera Demra-Rupganj-Kaliganj está en curso. Se han inspeccionado los lugares peligrosos en la carretera. El presidente de Rupganj Upazila Parishad, Shahjahan Bhuiyan, dijo: “La carretera ha sido identificada como un lugar de riesgo en respuesta a la solicitud de los lugareños”. El camino se ensanchará 3 pies a ambos lados y se reparará rápidamente.

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