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Success of Thai guava cultivation in Sakhipur!

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): Mashum Al Mamun of Kalidas village in Sakhipur, Tangail has seen great success in cultivating Thai guava in a low cost and non-toxic fruit bagging method.
He has achieved this success due to fertile soil strength and favorable weather as well as good seedlings, organic fertilizer, irrigation and regular maintenance. Masum has cultivated this Thai guava in about 4 acres of land. During the season, Thai guavas are taken from the orchards to different districts and upazilas by wholesalers and storekeepers every week.
About five years ago, Masum Al Mamun started cultivating this Thai guava on his own and leased about 2 acres of land. Benefiting from guava cultivation, he planted guava saplings in another 2 acres of land. People are working in his garden regularly for 10-12.
A college student working in the garden said, “Since the college was closed during the coronation period, some of us are working regularly in the garden.” We can support the family with the money we get by working in our spare time.
School teacher Abdul Latif Mia, a resident of Kalidas village, said Thai guava is very tasty to eat. Moreover, as it is detoxified, there is a lot of demand for itThe guava is being sent to different parts of the country including Dhaka to meet the local demand.
Mashum Al Mamun said he has a mango orchard on 5 acres of land.
For Corona, the losses have to be counted as the mango market has not been good in the last two years. In addition to mango cultivation, he started cultivating Thai guava in 2017. He also visited orchards in different parts of the country to get good results. Ten months after planting, the guava tree bears fruit. Each Thai guava in the garden weighs 300 to 500 grams. At least 30 kg of guava is found in each tree. Very tasty to eat. With regular care, you can benefit from Thai trees. Out of 2400 trees in his garden, 1400 trees are now being cultivated using fruit bagging method during the monsoon season. He hopes to sell guavas worth Tk 15 lakh this year if everything goes well. He visits the garden regularly and gives advice to various officials of the Department of Agriculture.
Sajjadur Rahman, Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer, told my news that there is enough demand for non-toxic guava in this upazila all over the country. Farmer Masum is being assisted with information and advice on guava cultivation, he said.

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