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Strawberry Moon will meet on June 24

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The last Super Moon of the year will be seen tomorrow. The moon will look about 12 percent bigger on this day than on other days. On this day the moon will turn red. That is why it is called Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon will be on view from 11:15 pm on Thursday (June 24). It will continue till 2:35 pm.

Usually the distance of the moon from the earth is about 4 lakh 10 thousand kilometers. But in the case of Supermoon, this distance is reduced to 3 lakh 56 thousand 700 kilometers. The moon orbits the earth. The distance to the moon decreases when it moves to the middle of the chamber. Then the moon looks bigger.

Another Super Moon was spotted about a month ago. That was Blood moon. That day is the first lunar eclipse of the year. A few days later there is an eclipse. This time people are going to witness another incident. On Thursday, Earthlings will witness the last Super Moon of the year. However, it is more likely not to see strawberry moon from this region.

When the moon is completely covered by the shadow of the earth, then there is a lunar eclipse. At this time, the red waves in the seven colors of the sun penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and reach the moon. So the moon turns red during the full eclipse. However, even if there is no eclipse on this day, the red moon will be seen.

However, the Native American community cultivates strawberries this early season. That is why they call the Super Moon of this period Strawberry Moon. This supermoon has different names in different parts of the world

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