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Soil health protection is essential for food security

Abdullah Al Mamun: The importance of soil is immense to ensure food security of a growing population. Food security depends on sustainable soil management. Cultivation land is declining due to various reasons including industrialization, urbanization, construction of houses, construction of roads. Associated with these two challenges is climate change.

With these considerations in mind, sustainable production systems and grain productivity must be enhanced to ensure food and nutrition security. That is why the soil must be kept alive the quality of the soil must be maintained. Chapainawabganj District Council Chief Executive Officer (Joint Secretary) Enamul Haque said there is no alternative to protecting soil health through proper use of groundwater and fertilizer management to produce more crops.

This was stated by Joint Secretary Md. Enamul Haque while addressing as the chief guest at the concluding ceremony of the training workshop on soil management in the Barind region using the Upazila Land and Soil Resources Use Guidelines or Union Assistants.

His claim is that excessive use of groundwater lowers the water level, upsetting the balance in the natural environment or ecosystem. Therefore, water management is also important in crop production. So much civilization is organized around ground water and agricultural soil. Agricultural soil ensures food security of the organism. This soil provides food for all the animals of the world. Soil and water are two natural elements.

He added that public health depends on the continuity of soil-water-air interaction, which is strongly integrated by processes in the soil. Scientists have worked to improve soil health. The Soil Resources Development Institute is working hard to maintain the quality of soil in the country. He is inventing new technologies through research to bring the land under cultivation.

Through which the company is playing an important role in sustainable soil management. Fertilizer management is essential to keep the soil healthy. As per the quantity, soil health will be better if fertilizer is applied as per the demand, and only safe and nutritious food production will be possible if the soil is healthy. This requires sustainable soil management.

Speaking as the special guest Md. Farooq Hossain, Chief Scientific Officer, Pabna Regional Office, Soil Resources Development Institute, said that there is no other way but to maintain the health of the soil in order to meet the challenge of meeting the food demand. Challenges are impossible without soil management. Need to use soil, technology, biotechnology.

If a certain amount of fertilizer is not given to the soil then disaster in production is inevitable. The amount of fertilizer should be applied in the crop land. Human health is also being harmed by the use of harmful fertilizers.

Addressing the trainees, he said, “Apply what you have learned in the training at the field level.” Spread the knowledge gained from the training among the farmers.

A concluding ceremony was held at the conference room of Chapainawabganj Regional Horticultural Research Center on Monday afternoon after three day training. Chapainawabganj Regional Soil Resources Development Institute organized the training with the funding of ASMSCP program of the Soil Resources Development Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr. Md. Mokhlesur Rahman, Chief Scientific Officer, Chapainawabganj Regional Horticultural Research Center and Md. Faruk Hossain, Chief Scientific Officer, Pabna Regional Office, Soil Resources Development Institute spoke as special guests at the closing ceremony. It was presided over by Nazmul Islam, Chief Scientific Officer, Rajshahi Divisional Office, Soil Resources Development Institute.

Dr. Md. Nurul Islam, Chief Scientific Officer, Chapainawabganj Regional Office of Soil Resources Development Institute was present on the occasion. At the end, the guests handed over certificates and fertilizer recommendation cards to the trainees.


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