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Snake Game On The Way To Extinction,Snakes Starving

Md.Shahadat Hossain: Now snakes and snakes are no longer seen.Even a few years ago,if someone was bitten by a snake,ordinary people would not go to the doctor and look for snakes.However,one of the reasons for this is that the forest area is decreasing,the number of snakes is decreasing and the number of snakes is also decreasing.On the other hand,keeping pace with the rapid advancement of medical science,awareness is also increasing among the general public.As a result,the tendency to look for snakes has decreased a lot.

Earlier in the day,the Vedic community had a huge fleet of boats.However,the navigability of the river has decreased due to unplanned construction of sand extraction dams even in riverine Bangladesh.As a result, they no longer carry the fleet. Now the people of the Vedic community are living a dehumanized life.They are now seen in small polythene huts in the fallow land on the side of the road.They are called nomads. They never stay in one place.They live by setting up mobile shelters in a few places during the months of the year.After that,as a livelihood,some monkeys,some snakes, some or other occupations used to dance and play snakes in different houses of the area.Again their male companions made a living by doing snakes,monkeys or any other action.

Male snakes used to make a living by gathering snakes and dancing in the village markets,playing games or selling medicines or amulets. Leaving the profession left behind by the former men in the present cycle, they are now leaning towards another profession.As a result, people are no longer seen playing these games on the village methopath or in the hat-bazaar as before.Although the people of the Vedic community used to live a floating life in the past,now they are building permanent and temporary dwellings in different places instead of staying in boats as the movement of rivers and canals is unsuitable.Their number is also decreasing.

However,the main purpose of playing snakes in the market is not to play snakes.Behind the scenes are snake charming amulets or selling drugs.However,in the free advancement of modern medical science,the belief of the common people in amulets or rural herbs has also cracked.Whatever the purpose of the game of snakes or the purpose of the interval,the game of snakes is lost from rural Bengal. Now there is no crowd around the snake game in the market.Mansha escapes without falling in one eye. In such a situation,the fear is that the traditional snake game will be lost very soon.

Sapure,who came to Kushtia’s Lalon Sai’s open stage field to show the snake game,said that the snake venom is used to cure many incurable diseases.While collecting these,many of us lost our lives due to the poisonous bite of the snake. He added that there is no mantra to catch snakes.There is intelligence, courage and art.The amulet contains various plants.No one can deny that plants have product properties.So we have to sell these,play bean in different hat-bazaars,show snake dance,sell matai and amulets to the spectators and earn 2-3 hundred rupees a day to run our own family.

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