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Smoke billows over the death of an introverted mother in Baniachang

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj:

A mystery has arisen over the death of a mother of two named Sumna Begum (23) in Awal Mahal village of Baniachang upazila. After the incident, the husband left the body and fled from the hospital. However, contradictory statements have been found about the death of the woman. Her husband’s family says she was taken to hospital because she was poisoned. The family of the deceased claimed that the husband and his family had killed their daughter for dowry.

According to her family members, the woman named Sumna was 6 months pregnant.

Abdul Hai, uncle of the deceased, said that 5-6 years ago, Sumna, daughter of Abdus Sahid of Noagaon village in Nabiganj upazila, was married to Al Amin, son of Madhu Mia member of Awal Mahal village in Baniachang upazila. After marriage they had two sons.

Dilara Begum, the mother of the deceased, said that Sumna had become pregnant again recently. Al-Amin has long demanded dowry from his daughter. Al-Amin tortured her physically and mentally for not paying.

According to hospital sources, her husband Al Amin brought her dead to Habiganj Sadar Hospital on the night of October 11. He later left the body and fled. Sumna’s family members rushed to the hospital on Tuesday morning after receiving the news.

They told reporters at the hospital that her husband Al Amin was arguing with Sumna. Their idea is that Al Amin killed their daughter. Upon receiving the news, Sadar police prepared an inquest report of the body and sent it to the morgue.

The brother of the deceased’s husband said that Sumna tried to commit suicide by consuming national powder. When he was taken to the hospital in a state of poisoning, he died while undergoing treatment. However, a search of the emergency department of the hospital revealed that the woman had been referred to Sylhet. At night her husband was taking her to Sylhet for advanced treatment. When she died of mysterious causes on the way, her husband Al Amin brought her back to the hospital.

Mollah Obaidur Reza, residential medical officer of Habiganj Sadar Hospital, said the cause of death of Sumna would be known when the autopsy report came. However, after a day of drama, the environment of the hospital became heavy as the body was destroyed due to heat. Later in the evening he was sent to the morgue for autopsy.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Baniachang Police Station Emran Hossain said, “I have heard that he can commit suicide by getting poisoned.” However, legal action will be taken as per the report of the autopsy investigation if the allegation of murder is received from the family.

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