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SI Shahedul’s run in Jaintapur police station, trade is going on in the name of auction!

Sylhet Representative :

Ramarama trade is going on with auction in Jaintapur of Sylhet. About 22 lakh rupees worth of confiscated Indian goods were auctioned for only 5 lakh 30 thousand rupees. Complaints have been lodged against the police. The smugglers, who are on the list of the intelligence agencies, also auctioned the product. Which is the case No. 9/21 of Jaintapur Model Police Station, Section-25R-B of the Special Powers Act, 1974. The main plaintiff in the case is RAB-9, Sylhet’s SI (N) Moniruzzaman, BP. This has caused a commotion.

It is learned that Jaintapur Model Thana Police organized an auction on Wednesday (June 2) at 5:00 pm for the purpose of selling the seized goods as per the directions of the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Sylhet. Accordingly, the members of the smuggling syndicate took part in the auction. The police formed a nexus with them and engaged in trade in the name of auction. An auction trader from Sylhet Sadar Shahparan Thana area confirmed the incident. He said he appeared at Jaintapur Model Police Station in time to take part in the auction. Upon arrival, the investigating officer of the case, SI Kazi Shahedul Islam, called him and prevented him from participating in the auction. At one point show him the temptation of money. At that time, he also threatened Rafiq Ahmed, the top rich smuggler of Fatehpur Union No. 5, by mentioning his name. Eventually he feared and no longer participated in the auction. Helpless, he had to leave the police station area after seeing the smugglers and the police. The cat in the bag came out of his comment.

The names of several other traders, including the smuggler Lokman, identified as the son of the deceased Soni of Lamashampur village in the same union. Another smuggler is Sadrul, son of Harjul Miah of Shampur village. Besides, if the CCTV footage of the police is collected in the police station area from the night before to the day of the auction, more sensational information will come out. Besides, if the investigating officer of the case finds out the call list of Shahedul’s mobile phone, more important information may come out. He has been earning a lot of money since he joined Jaintapur. Because he has a deep relationship with the ruling party smuggler Godfather Rafiq. No one in the Haripur area is willing to talk for fear of that godfather.

There are allegations that Rafiq himself controls the Jainta-Gowainghat and Kanaighat border areas in the name of the ruling party. He has become a millionaire from zero in a short time by smuggling. He is currently vying for the chairmanship from the ruling party. Their running is not stopping even during the coronation period. In the meantime, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has imposed restrictions on travel through the border areas, but the smugglers have not stopped. Many do not dare to speak out against them for fear of lawsuits, assaults, murders and disappearances. The guru of their drama is SI Kazi Shahedul. With that SI Daput, he managed the OC-circle and continued the business. People of different professions are now addicted to their subordination. Even though a number of online dailies, including local dailies and national dailies, have published news against them before, they remain out of the law for mysterious reasons. When it comes to taking their statements, as always, they deny the facts.

Meanwhile, the officer-in-charge of the auction, Abdul Hannan of Sadar Court Malkhana, said on his mobile phone that the seized goods had been auctioned for Tk 7.5 lakh. In response to another question, he said it was not known whether any smugglers were present at the time of the auction.

Talking to Golam Dastagir Ahmed, officer-in-charge of Jaintapur Model Police Station on his mobile phone, he said that the auction work has been completed in compliance with all the rules of the court. At this time he tried to avoid the matter of smugglers.
The investigating officer of the case called SI Kazi Shahedul on his personal mobile phone several times to find out about it but no statement was received as his mobile phone was not received.

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