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SI Milton’s charisma in recovering lost mobile and money

Staff Reporter: Khilgaon Police Sub-Inspector Milton Kumar Das is showing charisma by recovering lost or lost money through stolen or lost mobile and bKash / Nagad account. According to sources, from 2013 to 2022. So far, SI Milton has about 6,000 mobile phones He recovered more than Taka 50 lakh and handed it over to the victims. In recognition of the good work, this sub-inspector has been rewarded several times for his unimaginable success.

Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. He has received the Police Commissioner Award several times. He has not only recorded the award but also added various adjectives next to his name.

Along with the police force, he has gained a reputation across the country. He doesn’t just recover mobiles in the area covered by his workplace. Many people approached him to rescue the lost mobile phones in different parts of the country. No one had to be disappointed. He tried his best to rescue them using his experience. This humanitarian police officer is Milton Kumar Das. He is working as sub-inspector in DMP’s Khilgaon police station.

The son of this masterpiece of Rajbari district graduated from Jagannath University He joined the police in 2013 as a sub-inspector in the 34th batch of outset cadets. At the end of the training, he joined Kumarkhali police station of Kushtia in Khulna range as sub-inspector of Pravesh. After the sheep, He was working in Kushtia Sadar, Jessore, Jhenaidah and Narail districts. He is currently serving in DMP’s Khilgaon police station with good reputation.

It is learned that while talking to many people working in this department of the police, He likes to work with challenges. Stick to it until the work is done. Not just mobile phone recovery. He also takes other workplace work seriously. Milton said in the case of mobile phone recovery I do not evaluate the price of the mobile or the person. We rescue with the same importance whether it is a low priced mobile phone or a poor rickshaw puller or a worker. Because when a person loses many valuable things, he does not suffer so much.

As much pain as losing a mobile phone. Because there are so many memories on mobile, Contains important information. What is lost is a lot of loss and suffering. After making a general diary (GD), he retrieves the phone and calls the victim You made a GD. Your phone was recovered. Then many of them do not want to believe.

He said about six thousand lost mobiles so far I have recovered more than 50 lakh Taka and handed it over to the victims. Cluelous infanticide case in a short time, The best investigating officer and recovered a stolen motorcycle to arrest the accused including unraveling the mystery by investigating the Clues robbery case, SI. Milton Kumar Das has been selected as the best officer for maintaining law and order in the country including Warrant Tamil.

Milton’s colleagues also praised him for his actions. Respects his love, concentration and devotion to his work. Although many of his colleagues or their relatives lost their mobile phones, they sought Milton’s help. Smiling, Milton also recovered their phone.

“The biggest love I’ve ever had in my working life,” said Milton. In these few years of my working life, I have come to understand that people can think and love the police. Everywhere I have worked, my people have embraced me and shed tears. Everyone likes me, loves me, keeps me informed as a human being, not the police. This is my best achievement so far.

He also said that you should not buy an old mobile phone without an intake box and you should buy a mobile phone by combining the IMEI of the mobile phone with the IMEI that is with the box. It is better not to buy an old mobile phone if there is any crime or theft with that mobile phone, If you are involved in robbery, robbery or murder, then your life may be ruined without your knowledge. In case of development or cash fraud, the nearest police station should be informed as soon as possible.

Everyone should keep in mind that mobile does not want any development or cash information. If any ministry provides any assistance to anyone, it does so through the district administration. If you get news of illness or danger of a close relative by calling someone, you have to cut back the number from which the call will come and if possible, you have to call someone else to verify the veracity of the news.

No development after unreasonable or greed, Nagad or rocket numbers cannot be paid. Emu is more prone to expatriate fraud, so be careful using Emu. Context In this age of technology people are applying this technology for good So are some dishonest people This technology is being used to deceive the common people. That is why the suffering has doubled along with the benefits to the common man. It is seen that at present most of the crimes are being committed through mobile phones. So the young police officer urged the general public to be more aware of the use of mobile phones.

Khilgaon Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Md. Farukul Alam told The Daily Morning Glory, When an officer achieves this, of course, we are happy and proud. When the members of the police do something good, it is the reputation of the whole force. Milton’s concentration, dedication, effort or love for work are really rare at this time. Milton is undoubtedly a good officer in that respect. Well done. He is doing these things by fulfilling all the responsibilities assigned to him.

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