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Shreya Ghosh is the creative daughter of Nilphamari

Latiful Azam, Kishoregonj (Nilphamari):

Her day started with waking up and looking at the mail to immerse herself in the busy day. Though his brain was thinking of keeping it tidy all day, he suddenly had to face it at the beginning of the day, one of the present school speech competitions. Batch started his journey of success from here. I am talking about Shreya Ghosh, a college student of Nilphamari.

Shreya Ghosh is the first child of father Rasu Ghosh and mother Shila Ghosh of Nilphamari Sador. Growing up in Nilphamari district, Shreya’s education started from Nilphamari. Now Shaheed Bir Uttam is studying in class XI of Lieutenant Anwar Girls’ College.

Shreya conducted workshops on public speaking in many districts through various NGOs. UNICEF Bangladesh has worked as a UK reporter and child journalist at Through online, she is giving free workshops on competent leadership, easy English speaking, communication skills, robotics and more in America, Philippines and India. She is teaching in the form of free videos through Shreya’s Learning Classroom for the disadvantaged.

He holds more than a hundred prizes from upazila to division in scheduled present speeches, debates, storytelling, writing. Champion in the National Debate Festival. Children have received awards in journalism. In 2017, he received the Ustad Momtaz Ali Khan Award and in 2019, he received the award from SDS. He has won numerous awards at the national level in Barwari debates and English public speaking.

Talking to him, he said that the youth should come forward in a transparent way. During this short period of time, young people can be involved in the pursuit of light and become partners in great deeds.Which will take their lives one step further in the battle. He has given various leadership strategies to the youth during the lockdown in this epidemic situation and various strategies to integrate with the people.

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