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Semester Final Exams in JnU amid Durga puja

Md. Sakhawat Hossain: Various departments in Jagannath University determined semester final exam’s date during the Durga Puja observation days . This decision triggered extreme anger and dissatisfaction among the  students belong to Hindu religion. They have noticed  the issue as a great discrimination as well.

Durga Puja will come off formally by celebrating the day of the Sixth(Shasti) on October 11 and being observed on the next four days too the 12th,13th,14th and 15th of October as Saptami,Ostami,Nabami and Dashami respectively .

However, a few departments of this university along with the department of Geography and Environment unfolded exam’s routine to take semester final tests on those festival days. ‘Physical Geography of Bangladesh’ and ‘Population Geography’ courses’ exams of  third year students of this department (2017-2018 session) dated there 12 October and 14 October respectively while It’s the biggest religious festival to the followers of Hinduism.

The Dean of the Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saiful Islam said, I am the dean of this faculty. I assured the students, there will be no test on the day of Durga Puja.

On the other hand, department of Accounting and Information Systems of the University, the ‘Advanced Accounting Theory’ examination of MBA course  (2019-20 Session) and the ‘Basic Statistics’ of BBA course’s exams (2018-19 Session) will be held on the 14th of October on the day of Nabami.

Professor Dr. A.K. M Moniruzzaman, dean of the business faculty said, Puja holiday means government holiday. So, I have asked the chairman of the accounting department to change the date of the examination. There will be no test on the day of Puja, he added.

Except this, different departments of this university have fixed examination date on the day of worship and others have placed a nominal break between worship and examination.

But some departments of the university have decided to start the semester examination after the Puja.

In this regard, an attempt was made to contact the register of the University, engineer Md. Ohiduzzaman by mobile phone but no response was received.


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