April 22, 2021, 2:18 pm

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Self-educated educated unemployed youth in commercial potato cultivation

Abdul Baten, Rajshahi: Interest in potato cultivation has increased among educated and unemployed youth due to good yield and price of potato in Tanore, Rajshahi. This year, many of these self-educated and highly educated youths have now become established and self-sufficient by cultivating potatoes commercially (in project form). As a result, educated and unemployed youths as well as those belonging to different walks of life are rushing to the land to cultivate potatoes commercially without running after jobs.

Talking to the potato farmers, it is learned that the farmers who have been cultivating potatoes for a long time have got crores of rupees now as they have got good yield and price this year. As a result, educated and unemployed youth have also become interested in commercial potato cultivation this year. Many of these educated unemployed youths are cultivating potatoes commercially with great interest this year.

Potato farmers say that many people now own crores of rupees after 3 months of commercial potato cultivation. Independent and agricultural productive mahati, who has made more profit in less time, has enrolled in this profession as farmers, workers, teachers, educated unemployed youth, people of different professions including employees. They are getting involved in potato cultivation as it is possible to cultivate potatoes while maintaining occupation.

Former president of Tanore Upazila BCL Delwar Hossain said, “I have been involved in BCL politics since my childhood.” I have been doing mobile business at the corner of Tanore police station since 2000 after passing my degree (BA) and not getting a job. But I could not do anything for a long time. In addition to politics and business, on the advice of a friend of mine, I have benefited a lot by cultivating potatoes on 10 bighas of land last year. This year I am cultivating potatoes in 15 bighas of land.

He said the economic condition of the rural farmers has changed as the present government is an agri-friendly government, giving huge subsidies to agriculture and the farmers are engaged in farming. He also said that it is now possible to be supported by farming rather than employment. He called upon the educated unemployed youth to get involved in agriculture.

Tanore Upazila Agriculture Officer Shamimul Islam said the government is giving huge subsidies to make new farmers interested in farming. He said that all kinds of assistance is being provided by the agriculture office for the potato farmers including the farmers. If educated unemployed youth are involved in agricultural work, there will be efforts for development as well as modernization in agriculture. He called upon all to get involved in agriculture with whatever they have.

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