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Seeking the cooperation of the Prime Minister, 70 families are about to leave their homes in Kanaighat!

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In Sylhet’s Kanaighat, an alleged chairman and tehsildar’s Rosanle fell and about 70 families were about to leave their homes. This is going on. Since 1975, people of different walks of life have been making a living on the land, building houses, farms and farms with their children. This does not exclude low-income day laborers, farm laborers, porters, day laborers, 8 members of the Muslim community, including members of the minority community.

In 1986, James Leo Ferguson Nanka, chairman of East Laxmiprasad Union No. 1 and the current chairman of Paschim Laxmiprasad Union No. 2, a heroic freedom fighter, gave certificates to about 40 landless families to get the land settlement. However, before this, the landless people had been paying the revenue of the land in compliance with the government regulations. They also filed an application with the Sylhet Deputy Commissioner in the hope of getting a settlement in 2020. Then the movement started. The so-called chairman and the tehsildar used various tactics to protect the land on behalf of Sarkar Bahadur. Union Land Office Kanaighat whose Memorandum No. 49/2000 Eng. It is seen that the tehsildar in charge there recommended not to settle these government khas lands without mentioning anything like houses, farms, farms etc. on the spot. He even avoided the issue of rent paid by the government in that application. He has become a government official and has hatched a conspiracy to drive them out of the land. So far, they are supposed to get 100% settlement of their occupied land. However, although mysterious, it is true that by reviewing the papers, it can be seen that JL No. 15, Dag No. 2 of Lobachhara Tea Garden Mouza of the upazila. 3. 7, 10, 11, 31 Pakistan survey mentions worthy fallen land with clear houses. Which is Bangladesh Form No. 5462. Accordingly, the land was also recorded in the SA record. Approximate area is 144 bighas. Although the landless have not yet received that land settlement. They only own government revenue deposits.

Meanwhile, due to the fraud of the tehsildar and the application of the assistant commissioner, the government rent given to the helpless poor is stuck. As a result, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is being deprived of millions of rupees of government revenue. The victims have complained to the reporter that the current chairman Nanaka is carrying out various conspiracies to grab the land from Erfa. They said that there is an acre of land in the vicinity of the government ledger No. 1 with name and anonymity. The total land area is 67.3400 acres. The members of this helpless family have been living on the land since the days of Pakistan. There are allegations that Chairman Nanaka is planning to trade potatoes on the land by evicting them. He is already secretly negotiating with a company Ltd. Besides, he has continued to involve them in various cases and attacks through Lokmar to leave the land. Such sensational information has also been found. The steam roller is running on the man named Rakib who had applied for the settlement along with the Sylhet Deputy Commissioner on behalf of 70 families. So far, he has been facing three charges of conspiracy theories. So far no roads or mills have been built in that village. The whole village is dark without electricity. The village did not get the digital touch of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. At present the extremely poor are suffering from extreme insecurity. The victims have sought the cooperation of the Prime Minister along with senior officials of the administration in this regard.

In this regard, the victim Rakib said, the chairman is a rich man. He is involved in several social organizations. No one in the local area is willing to speak out against him for fear of his life. If you speak against him, you have to read the case. He is more reckless than being a member of the Christian community. He has a large terrorist group in the local area. He also advised the reporter to be careful.

When contacted on his mobile phone with James Leo Ferguson Nankar, chairman of West Lakshiprasad Union No. 2, he said, “I am driving now and I can’t understand anything.” When he called again later, he said he was disconnected because he was in a meeting.

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