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Search for adulterated tea- leaf factory in Srimangal

Srimangal (Moulvibazar) Correspondent : Police have found a factory for making adulterated tea leaves from Sikka village in Sindurkhan union of Srimangal upazila of Moulvibazar. In one house, three tea-makers were making and selling adulterated tea. Police recovered a large quantity of adulterated tea leaves from the factory. Sensing the presence of police, the factory owner fled.
According to Srimangal police sources, AH Rahim Mia and Abdur Nur Mia, two sons of Barek Mia of Sikka village in Srimangal Sindurkhan Union, Abdul Majid Mia of the same house are making adulterated tea leaves in their house and the police got information that they are stockpiling a large quantity of leaves. According to the report, the tea leaves were recovered on Tuesday night, March 10, at the behest of Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zakaria.

Meanwhile, Inspector of Police (Investigation) Humayun Kabir and Inspector of Police (Operation) Nayan Karkun along with allied forces conducted an operation. At that time, sensing the presence of the police, the adulterated tea traders fled. Police later searched the house of Abdur Rahim, an adulterer, with 40 bags of tea leaves mixed with green tea powder and 35 bags of tea leaves mixed with green tea powder from Nur Mia’s house and the house of accused Abdul Majid Mia with 12 bags of sand mixed with dust and sida. Recovers the prepared tea leaves.

According to the preliminary investigation of the police, the adulterators collected tea leaves and leaves of other trees from various tea gardens in Srimangal, dried them with their own technology, powdered them in a fancy way through decky / other equipment and prepared other adulterated tea leaves for sale.
Srimangal Police Inspector (Investigation) Humayun Kabir said that the police operation to arrest the fugitive accused is continuing. The seized goods have been seized and brought to Srimangal police station. A case was filed in this regard at Srimangal police station on Thursday.

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