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Salman’s lawyer will fight for Shah Rukh’s son

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One bail application after another of Aryan Khan is being rejected. Father Shah Rukh Khan is devastated by his son’s misfortune. He has stopped all work for the time being. Satish Mansinde, a well-known lawyer from Mumbai, is fighting his case. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh is enlisting the help of another new lawyer for his son.

It is learned that the new lawyer is Amit Desai, who is a lawyer close to Salman Khan. He released Bollywood superstar Salman Khan from the hit and run case in 2002. This time Amit Desai is being used to get Shah Rukh’s son out of jail.

Meanwhile, Amit went to court for Aryan on Tuesday. He has filed a bail application. The NCB council then told the court the agency had asked for one more week. They asked for one more week to inform themselves.

Amit Desai said his client Aryan Gayle has been in jail for a week. The bail application does not depend on the investigation. I’m not asking for bail. I’m asking for a date. Someone’s release will be blocked due to administrative reasons – it can’t happen. The NCB can only investigate.

Aryan Khan was arrested on charges of using drugs at a pleasure boat party in Mumbai. Although Aryan told the lawyer he did not take drugs, no drugs were found in his possession. However, the Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) claimed that Aryan had confessed to taking drugs during their six-hour interrogation.

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