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Sakhipure farmers crying for water in the rainy season!

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): Due to lack of water in Sakhipur, Tangail. farmers are not able to plant aman saplings on their land. Even in the rainy month of Shravan, there is a cry among the farmers for water.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, the Upazila Agriculture Department has set a target of cultivating aman paddy in about 16,000 hectares of land in 8 unions and 25 blocks of a municipality in the current aman season. The production target has been set at about 1 lakh 22 thousand 265 metric tons.

Sources further said that so far farmers have been able to plant aman saplings in a quarter of the land. Aman saplings can be planted throughout the month of August. After this period, if the planted aman saplings are planted in the land, the yield of paddy will not be as expected, the agriculture department said. However, due to lack of water, aman planting in the land the Department of Farmers and Agriculture is also worried that the target will not be achieved.

Mir Matiar Rahman, a farmer from Kirtankhola village in the upazila, said, We cultivate aman depending on the water of the sky. But due to lack of rain water we are not able to plant saplings.
I will plant saplings as soon as rain water collects in the land.

Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture and Plant Protection Officer Md. Anisur Rahman told Daily Morning Glory that the farmers of the upazila are dependent on rain for planting aman saplings. Most farmers are waiting for rain. When there is water, plant aman saplings in the land.

Sajjadur Rahman, Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer, told Daily Morning Glory that there is a possibility of heavy rains in the country in August. Since transplanted aman saplings have about 2/3 week more time to plant. I hope that the target of aman paddy cultivation of the agriculture department will be met at this time.

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