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Sakhipure electricity poles somewhere trees somewhere dilapidated bamboo!

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): While playing, Sriti Rani of Kalidas Nampara village was electrocuted and lost prematurely on 10 August. A few days ago, Shamsul’s son from Kachua village died after being entangled in a torn wire. A worker who came to work in Sakhipur from Mymensingh district died after being entangled in an electric wire in Beheratail village. In this way, death is often reported in some areas of the upazila by getting entangled in dilapidated power lines. But the authorities are not aware of any calamity.
Some lines of the upazila have been lined with bamboo poles as well as electric wires. these power lines are within reach of the ground. when these poles break, the people of the area are often the victims of accidents. Although there is a risk of loss of life in these unplanned connections, the locals are thinking that the PDB authorities are not paying attention. Numerous electrical connections can be seen on the ground in the municipality of the upazila.
In these connections, dead carrots and bamboo have been used instead of electricity poles. Accidents can happen at any time due to the short distance of the wire from the ground. The same picture has been seen in Ichadighi village of the upazila. many families in the area have got electricity connection from the main electricity pole through bamboo.
The locals have been suffering for a long time as there is no permanent solution to this situation. About one and a half kilometer power line has been pulled from the poles with bamboo. Bamboo has been used instead of electric poles. Rafiqul Islam, a resident of Ichadighi village, said he had been dragged to the area with bamboo for about ten years. Remedy has been sought many times. The people’s representatives have also been informed. Despite assurances, it was not remedied. He said that he is in grave danger due to such connection. Shaheen Mia of Mucharia Pathar village said there have been no electricity poles for a long time.
The work is being done with bamboo poles. Even after informing the authorities, he is not taking cognizance. He demanded to remove these risky bamboo poles and install electricity poles.
In this regard, Upazila Chairman Zulfiqar Haider Kamal said, bamboo and trees have been used in different places of the upazila instead of electric poles. There are also complaints from the locals about the matter. the concerned authorities did not take cognizance of the incident.
PDB’s Sakhipur Region Executive Engineer (Sales and Distribution) Muhammad Anwarul Islam said it was not possible to provide poles everywhere as there were houses far away in Sakhipur. Some of the customers have taken power connection from the main pole under their own management. We are solving these problems in phases. Hopefully, within the next one year, state-of-the-art poles will be installed for rural customers.
Upazila Nirbahi Officer Chitra Shikari said it was risky to stay in a bamboo or a tree. If so, the matter will be resolved by informing the Upazila Residential Engineer.

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