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Sakhipur Sub Health Center, The sweeper, he is the doctor!

Muhammad Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): Tangail’s Sakhipur Sadar Sub-Health Center has five posts including Medical Officer, Deputy Assistant Community Medical Officer, Midwife, Pharmacist and Office Assistant, but the hospital is run by only one pharmacist. The pharmacist named Saiful Alam has been performing the duties of five people alone for two and a quarter years.
He could not take a single day off in two years after joining, thinking that the hospital would be closed. As a result, patients are not getting medical services even if they get medicines as there is no doctor.
According to Upazila Health Complex sources, Abdullah Al Ratan, a medical officer appointed to the Sadar Sub-Health Center, joined Tangail Sheikh Hasina Medical College and Hospital on a deputation in December 2018.
A month later, Deputy Assistant Community Medical Officer Gulshan Ara Kona also joined Basail Upazila Health Complex on deputation. Anjana Bala, a senior nurse, has been working in the Upazila Health Complex on deputation for one and a half years. He too was transferred two months ago. The post of office assistant of the sub-health center has been vacant for the last five years due to death.
As a result, pharmacist Saiful Alam has been carrying out all the responsibilities including sweeping the hospital for two and a quarter years.
Saiful said that according to the law, the pharmacist will provide the medicine to the patient as per the prescription of the doctor. Tell the patient the rules of taking medicine. the medicines allotted by the health center will be kept in his custody.It is beyond his jurisdiction to see a patient or write a prescription.
It is not his job to sweep the hospital. but he has to see the patient at the same time, he has to open the cupboard and give medicine and also he has to sweep the two rooms of the hospital, the verandah and the surroundings every day. He is not able to take any leave as he is alone. He has to handle 40 to 50 patients every day.
Today, at 12 noon on Saturday, it was seen that Saiful was giving medicine after hearing about the patient’s problem. However, he is not giving any prescription. he is telling the rules of taking medicine orally. A patient named Rokeya Begum who came to the hospital told this correspondent that there are more corona patients in the big hospital. So this small hospital is good for us. No ticket problems here. You don’t even have to catch the line. Come on, the doctor gives me some medicine.
Saiful Alam told Daily Morning Glory, legally I can’t write prescriptions. Many elderly patients go home and forget the rules of taking medicine because of the oral rules. Many came to the hospital again the next day to learn the rules. he claims that he has to handle at least 40-50 patients every day. Over the last one month, 80 percent of the patients have been suffering from cold, cough and fever.
I have not been able to take a single day off in two consecutive years as the hospital has to be closed, he said. Two weeks ago, my father’s heart ring was taught at a hospital in Dhaka. That’s why I took three days off.
In this regard, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Abdus Sobhan said, There are various problems in the health center as two doctors have gone on deputation. Saiful Islam is performing the duties of five people alone. An application has been made to the department to cancel the deputation of the two doctors.
A physician will be provided at this sub-health center soon.

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