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Russia destroys satellite by launching missiles into space

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The United States has said that Russia’s launch of an anti-satellite missile endangered the lives of crews on the International Space Station.

The United States has said Russia’s anti-satellite missile tests are “dangerous and irresponsible.” Waste generated from the test launch of this missile has been forced to take up position in the capsule inside the crew station of the International Space Station.

The International Space Station orbits the Earth 420 kilometers above the earth’s surface. “Earlier in the day, Russia recklessly fired test missiles at one of their satellites,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a briefing.

“Russia’s missile tests have created 1,500 pieces of debris in orbit. It has also generated thousands of other small debris that put the interests of all nations in space at risk.”

Russia’s space research center Raskosmos does not take this incident seriously. The agency tweeted that the debris generated after the destruction of the Russian satellite did not cause any damage. However, the place where it happened is still visible. It looks like Russia’s Cosmos-1408 satellite has crashed due to a missile strike. It was launched in 1982 as a spy satellite. It weighs about a ton and long ago the satellite became useless.

Several countries have the capability to destroy satellites from the surface. America, Russia, China and India are among them. But it is very rare to launch such a missile. Because such activities cause serious pollution in space.

When China destroyed one of their useless weather satellites in 2007, there were more than 2,000 visible fragments.

Source: BBC Bangla

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