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Rupganj highway side of the garbage – people suffering! Local administration is silent

Md. Rashedul Islam Rupganj (Narayanganj): Garbage is being dumped on the slopes of the Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and the Golakandail Roundabout of the Dhaka Bypass Road known as the Asian Highway. This garbage is rotting and creating bad smell all around. The locals and thousands of pedestrians are at health risk. This situation is being created as there is no specific place for dumping garbage in the area.Turning to the ground, it can be seen that a wholesale raw market called Bismillah Arat has been set up in Saoghat area of ​​Dhaka-Sylhet highway.

The remaining waste of this warehouse is being dumped on the slopes of the roads and on the highways by vans every day. Tachara occupies sidewalks and highways every day, fish, fruit and vegetable shops sitting on the road. And the remaining garbage of these shops is also being added to the garbage dump every day. Last year, a raid was carried out in Bhulta-Golakandail area under the leadership of former UNO Mamtaz Begum. The operation liberated sidewalks and highways.

Tachara stopped dumping garbage everywhere and put up signboards of the upazila administration. A few days later, the sidewalks and some parts of the road were gradually taken over by the occupants and piles of rubbish were dumped in some places. Now permanently known as Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and Asian Highway Road, Dhaka Bypass Road has been turned into a garbage dump by dumping garbage on the road slopes and on the side of the highway near Golakandail Round Square.

Talking to businessman Sohail Miah, he said, “I have a shop in Bhulta Gauchia Market.” I have to come to my shop every morning and drive BRTC at night. Bhulta-Kuril BRTC counter is on the opposite side of the garbage dump. As soon as I got down from BRTC in the morning, my stomach swelled with bad smell. I think this stench made me vomit. I crossed the road with my nose and face covered. Another trader, Shahidullah, said the dumping of garbage along the Asian Highway under the Bhulta flyover was now a public nuisance. The stench of dirt is spreading all around. It will be difficult to do business and live here if the garbage is not removed from here quickly. Such complaints are made by thousands of ordinary people.

When Asha asked the van drivers to dump the garbage, they said, “We are dumping garbage here under the direction of Badsha Mia, the storekeeper of the wholesale raw material market behind the Bismillah filling station.” When Badsha Mia wanted to know about this, he denied it. However, a person named Liton of the arhat committee said that the garbage is being dumped here on the instructions of an influential local person. We do everything on his advice. Asked who is dumping garbage in government places with permission, Liton Mia said, “It is open so we are dumping garbage here.” We don’t have any specific place to dump garbage here so the employees are dumping garbage here.

Nurjahan Ara Khatun, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, said that any person can suffer brain damage if they suffer from severe odor. May increase health risks. In addition, children and adults may have trouble breathing. Rupganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shah Nusrat Jahan said the market management committee has been told not to dump their waste in the open. And they have no authority to dump garbage in government places. Asked about the occupation of sidewalks, he said, “Our ongoing works are also being hampered due to Kovid.” The operation will be carried out if the situation of Kovid is somewhat normal. No one has made any written complaint in this regard. If a complaint is received, action must be taken.

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