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Rozina’s forehead was tortured, then ………imprisonment!

Arun Sarkar: Rozina Islam, senior reporter of Prothom Alo, photo-collected. Rozina Islam, a senior reporter for Prothom Alo, said that she really stole documents or was the victim of a deep conspiracy. Tulkalamkand is currently going on in the country and abroad with him. Fighting is also going on through social media. Which of the following is the authority of the Ministry of Health of the Secretariat trying to defend itself by publicly arranging him in broad daylight? No one is willing to accept the accusation of theft against such a woman. Earlier, the woman journalist had filed multiple investigative reports against the Ministry of Health. The whole nation is shocked by this incident today.

Let’s come to the main discussion. A review of Facebook social media shows that several video clips from the day of the incident have gone viral. He was being tortured physically and mentally on that day. A female journalist in charge of the area is filming the incident on her mobile phone without Rozina’s permission even after getting her identity. Pressed to his throat. Again in front of the police. His videos have been recorded to harass and harass him for hours without ignoring the individual’s opinion. He has been tortured. Which civilization? Which is not legal at all. However, it is mysterious but true that Rozina Islam’s personal mobile phone was snatched after the incident. The alleged officials of the Ministry of Health first left the mobile phone to cover up their irregularities and corruption. Even before the police arrived, whatever officials arranged the drama with Judge Mia’s mobile phone, those officials are going beyond the reach of the law. No one is above the law, so why couldn’t the police go to the spot and rescue the mobile phone? And if it was rescued, why it was not seen during the video recording? This means that the pictures taken on Rozina Islam’s personal mobile phone were used by one of the corrupt officials in charge to frame her. It is very important to find out who was the guru of this drama.

He is said to have been charged under sections 3 and 5 of the Official Secrets Act and sections 379 and 411 of the Penal Code. There is also special narcissism. If a thief steals, there is no need to take pictures. Because at that time the documents of resurrection were kept in front of Chur. If she wanted to, Rozina Islam would also try to hide the documents in her bag. In fact, no one would want a rooster to be slaughtered twice. So why this sort of drama? It is clear from this that some selfish quarters have given birth to this drama to confuse the government by trapping Rozina Islam in a trap of conspiracy. But another issue has shocked everyone with the words of Health Minister Zahid Malek. He said health officials detained him for about half an hour to retrieve the files he had, and then police arrived and took control of the incident. It was understood that he was involved in the conspiracy. Because he wanted to make the victim journalist Rozina the victim of this drama to cover the previous irregularities and corruption! In order to divert the situation, Batipari is spreading a deep conspiracy against Rozina through some YouTube channels. He is also spreading it through Facebook social media. This is also a serious crime.

At present, media workers across the country are in a state of panic. The Digital Security Act is designed to protect them. Media on cyber threats. After all this, these notorious dishonest officials could not hold the reins of Rozina Islam. Eventually they saw the light of day and left the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in disarray. However, the government should have enacted a law to protect journalists in such an independent state. Instead, digital security laws have been enacted against them. Every section of that policy is fatal. Although various civil society personalities of the country are continuing the movement to repeal that black law, but for some mysterious reason, the government is not moving. The accusation of stealing official documents is being imposed on him again! What could be more shameful like this.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the country’s leader, has made arrangements to encourage journalists. Besides, the debate is not going away. There is also disagreement among the journalists. Just bureaucratic complications all around. Fear of lawsuits and attacks even for revealing the truth. There is no guarantee that the rate at which journalists are protesting against the release of Rozina Islam will not go away. Meanwhile, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said at a discussion organized by the Nationalist Women’s Party at the National Press Club on Friday that the government was teaching journalists not to jump around too much. In this situation, the journalists have to leave the ‘division’ and ‘unite’. I have to stand up. They said in unison that the torture of journalists will not continue. Then you will see that gradually respect will increase, torture will decrease. But the question remains, will the journalist community be able to remember his words?

Loss of policy ethics and values ​​leads to deterioration in society. Another picture of this decline is being seen in the society lately, in one way or another, the journalist is plagued with murder, disappearance, torture and assault cases. Opposition political parties are also under threat. There is no amount of sesame in the fortune test. In order to continue exploitation in a class-divided society, the exploiting-ruling class is class within itself. Such fascist rule is also dangerous in a class society. They also exist in the case of media.

On the other hand, documents of ‘undisclosed agreement’ have been found with journalist Rozina Islam. However, there is no mention of undisclosed contract documents in the seizure list made by the police in this case. However, we should not forget that they are as much a part of the police as they are of the sky. There is nothing that this syndicate group cannot do if it wants to. So the pen soldiers have to be vocal in time. Otherwise, the future of the journalistic society is waiting for a grim picture. Truth wins when the media takes the helm of a country’s revolution. But we could not go that way. Because the perpetrators are always following us. That is why they are turning into Raghav Boal in a short time. They are swallowing us. Therefore, it is wise to leave their contact immediately. He answered them in pen and paper by finding irregularities and corruption in every sector. You will see the mysterious cockroach race. Rozina objected to being in jail today. In his forehead was torture for good deeds, then … imprisonment. Luckily, they are the ones who are torturing him and putting him in jail and roaming around in public with heroic pride.

Arun Sarkar

Writer and journalist.

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