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Rozina Islam, Another Unforgettable Name of Investigative   Journalism  in Bangladesh

Md. Al  Amin: The honest, brave, investigative  and active journalists of mass  media like Rozina Islam  are undoubtedly the gems of any country because they always  fight against unlawful activities and ominous forces to protect us and form  a safe and peaceful society permanently like others  . There are numberless noble, risky  and legal professions in this world. Journalism is one of them. It is also another special means of serving not only a country but also  nation differently. The media is also called  the fourth estate of a  country.  We firmly  believe that the uncompromising and  active roles of mass media to establish the rule of laws are also  laudable and  unforgettable. It’s  also   a matter of sorrow that  journalists cann’t  perform their holy duties perfectly because of some restrictions.

If  the journalists of mass media are given sufficient freedom to perform their holy duties perfectly,  the numbers of crimes and criminals will be reduced soon. We also find authentic, valuable  and latest information about different topics  from  mass media. Law enforcers also take  steps to arrest real  criminals after reading the published crime reports of mass media. Isn’t  it the credit of mass media ? Practising journalism honestly and bravely  is not an easy task. It’s  actually a risky profession because  journalists often endanger themselves by performing their holy  duties against ominous forces. It’s also true that many honest, investigative and intrepid journalists have lost  their valuable lives at the time of  performing their professional duties .

We firmly believe that honest, fearless, investigative and  active journalists are  as a matter of fact  the safe friends of human beings because  they always fight against all  kinds of unlawful activities which destroy  the order, safety and peace of the society. The  dignity, security  and professional facilities of honest, fearless, investigative and active journalists  should  be increased greatly so that they can live happily and freely  like others . We firmly believe that    if the journalists of a country keep themselves aloof from  their holy duties for only a day,  the numbers of unlawful or illegal activities will rise  alarmingly. Honest, brave, investigative  and active journalists always work for the welfare of not only a country but also  nation. The journalists, who are really fearless and honest,  never compromise with  crimes and criminals. We also  believe that honest, investigative  and fearless  journalists never surrender to any pressure, unethical  proposal or threat. For this reason, criminals are also afraid of honest, investigative  and  fearless journalists.

Honesty is a great virtue that enhances the mental strength of human beings . For this reason, honest journalists are mentally strong. According to the published reports of some media,  many criminals in Bangladesh  have already got exemplary punishment because of the brave, commendable, investigative and active roles of honest journalists. It’s really a good sign for  Bangladesh. The journalists, who are working  bravely, honestly and relentlessly for our welfare, should be respected and  rewarded specially. Honest journalists prefer dignity to money in this world because  professional dignity makes  them mentally happy. This type of  mentality also indicates their greatness. We also believe that mental peace is really the best peace. Harassing or torturing  the honest, intrepid, active  and investigative   journalists of any country  is undoubtedly  an ominous sign because these journalists  leave no stone unturned to remove the ominous forces  from the society and country  . We  firmly believe that honest, intrepid, investigative and active journalists are as a matter of fact  patriots and gems. We also believe that  investigative journalism is an appropriate and risky process  of revealing hidden truth . There is no doubt that there are also  numberless honest, amiable, investigative and intrepid journalists in Bangladesh who are  working sincerely  relentlessly for our welfare.

Journalist Rozina  Islam has already become  one of the most intrepid, popular and honest journalists in Bangladesh  by playing  uncompromising and active roles against all kinds of ominous forces and  illegal activities . She has been working in the daily Prothom  Alo   bravely, relentlessly and honestly for a long time. She has already  achieved many awards  by dint of her intrepid, uncompromising, active   and laudable roles in different fields as an  investigative journalist. She is not only popular but also amicable. It’s a matter of sorrow that some persons tortured Rozina Islam  physically and mentally  keeping her confined to  a room of  the Health Ministry inside the Bangladesh Secretariat on May 17, 2021 while she was performing her professional duty as an investigative journalist  according to the statements of her family members and  published reports of national and international media .

According to the published reports of mass media, a case against her  under the Penal Code  and Official Secrets Act  was filed and the police also  arrested her. Then, she was  sent to the jail through the processes of  the CMM court in Old Dhaka  on May 18 . The event of harassing and torturing her  is  actually  unexpected,  inhuman and  painful . According to the laws of Bangladesh, torturing anyone  physically or mentally  is also a  punishable crime . The people of all classes have already raised their voices against  this inhuman occurrence spontaneously . It is also a good sign that  many renowned  organizations including  the United  Nations (UN) also expressed anxiety  regarding the inhuman occurrence of harassing and torturing Rozina Islam .

It proves that  Rozina Islam’s unthinkable  honesty, fearlessness, popularity, personality  and  amicableness  are undoubtedly  laudable and unforgettable. The constitution in  Bangladesh has  given us  the right to express   opinions . We want to see more journalists like Rozina Islam to reveal truth . We  always detest all kinds  of crimes . We  don’t want to see inhuman or  unlawful activities  in our country again.  The persons, who tortured Rozina Islam physically and  mentally, should be punished soon . Is it  really  unconstitutional or unlawful  to raise our voices  against the  inhuman or illegal activities of  our country  ?   We also think like her family members  that Rozina Islam is a victim of  subtle conspiracy .

As  conscious citizens ,  we expect that senior journalist Rozina Islam will get  proper treatment and  fair play  from our state without delay because she is  a victim of  subtle  conspiracy  and  an ill person  according to the published reports of mass media and statements of her family members . She is not only an investigative journalist but also a great mother. Doesn’t  the weeping of a great mother like Rozina Islam shake our conscience greatly ?  The journalists of mass media should be more active and conscious  so that nobody can spoil the  dignity of investigative journalists like Rozina Islam.  We also demand the permanent  security of other journalists in our country like Rozina Islam because they always fight against  ominous forces to protect us and present  a safe and peaceful society. The intrepid,   uncompromising  and active roles of mass media against the inhuman occurrence of torturing  Rozina Islam mercilessly are  really  commendable and unforgettable.

The sleepless  night of  honest, brave, investigative  and  unselfish  journalists is undoubtedly another bright instance of patriotism and humanity. There are many ways of expressing patriotism in this world. Practising journalism honestly and bravely is really a positive sign for any country. For this reason,  criminals don’t dare to perform unlawful activities easily. Isn’t  fighting against ominous forces to protect a country and nation  an  instance of patriotism and humanity ?  The journalists, who are really selfish, dishonest and timid  should leave journalism without delay.  Real  journalists  can not but support    tortured  journalists.  Honesty  brings mental easiness and peace because there is  self-satisfaction in a legal  way.

The honest, fearless, investigative and active journalists of  this  world  can also be a part of history by dint of their intrepid,  uncompromising, investigative  and laudable roles in different fields . Simon Dring,  British foreign journalist of The Daily Telegraph,  is also  a  bright example in this regard because it is impossible for us  as Bangladeshis  to  forget the intrepid,  uncompromising, investigative,  active and commendable  roles of Dring against ominous forces during  the Liberation War of Bangladesh. It’s  also true that  honest, brave, investigative and active journalists  never compromise with ominous forces at the time of performing their professional duties.  From  this  discussion, it’s  also  clear that noble activities are really unforgettable and  imperishable. Besides, the active roles of mass media in the fields  of creating public awareness against unlawful activities and infectious diseases like the  Covid-19 pandemic all over the world are really laudable and unforgettable .

We firmly believe that the history of the intrepid, active  and uncompromising  roles  of mass media to curb crimes and criminals locally, nationally  and  internationally is  really glorious and untold. There is no scope to deny  that only  some media in our country are devoid of the real characteristics of journalism because of their unprofessional activities according to the published  reports of mass media . For this  reason, we are unable to get  real information  or objective news from them in various  critical situations . We also believe that the main duty of journalism is to reveal truth to us and mark real criminals  differently. It’s  undoubtedly an ominous  sign when  some media hide the real identities  of  rich and influential criminals tactfully  to us at the time of publishing crime reports. Is it really ethical ?  We should not forget that honest, brave, investigative  and active  journalists  also serve the country and nation like the law enforcers of our country by writing  against ominous forces   regularly.

It’s  also our moral duty to respect  honest, amicable, dutiful  and unselfish people everywhere. We should never discourage noble or constructive activities in this world. It will really be a dirty instance of  narrow  mentality and selfishness  if we  disrespect the honest, fearless, investigative  and active journalists of  this world. We firmly believe that  the strong  unity among  all  the journalists  of mass media  can also  play a vital role to reduce  the inhuman occurrences of torturing honest, intrepid, investigative,  uncompromising and active  journalists like Rozina Islam, well-known for investigative journalism . We also believe that  the journalists, who leave   tortured  journalists  like Rozina Islam tactfully  to get illegal facilities,  can  not be real journalists . No  journalist should go to a risky place for  investigative journalism without  security. We also believe that   increasing the security  of honest, intrepid, investigative and active  journalists  also  means  ensuring  our development and security  because they always  fight  against ominous forces  to protect us and present a safe and peaceful society. We firmly believe that  the journalists of mass media will  be  capable  of destroying  all  the ominous forces  from  this world  if they are really united and active  in all the situations. We are  against all kinds of unlawful activities like  torture, corruption, violence, injustice and so on  but  not  any  department or  ministry.  We also expect  peace and order everywhere because  we are peace-loving people.  We  also believe that the system of  giving real criminals exemplary punishment is really capable of reducing  the rising numbers of  crimes and criminals in  this world.

Now,  it ’s  actually evident  that honest, fearless,  investigative  and active journalists like Rozina Islam  are undoubtedly the gems of  any country because their  active, investigative and uncompromising roles against the ominous forces of this world are  as a matter of fact  commendable and unforgettable. We should always remember that  the subtle conspiracy of breaking the unity among the journalists of mass media is also another ominous sign in the field of practising journalism honestly and freely. So,  let’s work together to free our society and country from all kinds of  ominous forces and unlawful activities  permanently.


Writer’s:  Md. Al  Amin, B.A (Hons.) and M.A Department of English Language and Literature, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University.

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