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Rooppur Nuclear Power Project Recycling plant for Rooppur nuclear power plant coming from Russia

Dewan sobuz, Ishwardi (Pabna): A recirculation plant for the Rooppur nuclear power plant is coming from Russia
Three recycling plants for Rooppur nuclear power plant are coming from Russia The equipment from St. Petersburg to Izhevsk will reach Chittagong port by sea for a long time. These were sent to the Atomostroy Export Company by the Izhevsk Electrochemical Plant.
The work of the first part of this large work will be implemented in a short time. Russia’s State Atomic Energy Commission (Rosatom) said in a press release.
IEMP Kupal (a part of Almaz-Anteni Air Defense Corporation) has been developing nuclear power plant equipment for more than five years. The recirculation plants are highly technologically advanced, which will further strengthen the nuclear power technology industry.
The plants are designed to maintain a certain temperature inside the nuclear power plant. They supply the cool air required for reactor operation in the containment area, i.e. where the reactor is located in the main containment area. The plant has a fan, air conditioner connector and a confuser in between.
Each part of the plants has been shipped separately as a package. The required documents for this equipment have been sent in a square box, which weighs 150 kg.
The circulation plants were shipped from the Izhevsk seaport to St. Petersburg last week. These equipments from Izevesk have to travel a long way to reach Chittagong seaport in Bangladesh. Recirculation plants are packed in waterproof boxes. These special boxes are designed only for such equipment.
Andre Pestov, manager of the Van A ES project (research and ordering equipment for nuclear power projects), said, “We have prepared and sent the recirculation plant together with the engineering department of the state corporation Rosatom. Afrikantov OKBM, the designer and chief technical consultant for this equipment documentation, has completed all the direction of the project at Afrikantov OKBM JC, which has made it possible to build a strong recirculation plant in the Woodmart republic. The company has experience in the energy engineering industry. The main manufacturer of the recirculation plant is IEMP Kuppal and the co-manufacturer is Glazob Plant Metallist, the company manufactures fans, the Izhevsk company Girdotech Atom Separator. This became evident after the first shipment.
The work is appreciated by the acceptance committee before shipment. Representatives of the Institute Developers and their organizations participate in it. They are all allowing the use of nuclear energy by controlling the quality of products (VPO Yarubejhen Gostray and VO Safety). This committee has ensured high quality work. By special technological process Kupal has ensured the quality of technical methods, RP and other civilian products with the help of an orbital welding machine.
Skilled officers also play an important role in this regard.
All those specialists and workers who have welded and assembled RPs have great experience in producing special equipment. Their compulsory approved courses include additional training, attestation and permission to operate equipment in the nuclear sector. Kupal’s skilled workers will build and send seven more RPs for the development of the Rooppur nuclear power plant before the summer. The entire IEMP will have 20 recirculation plants by 2021-22 as per the agreement with AtmastroyExport.

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