December 2, 2021, 3:43 pm

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Robin lost to blood cancer

Meherabul Islam Showdip: Robin Kumar Haldar, a postgraduate student in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at Jagannath University (JU), is no more. He died of a deadly disease called leukemia. Everyone came forward to save him. He also helped. But could not save him. Robin lost not to money but to blood cancer.

Robin breathed his last at 4am on Thursday (May 20) in his home village of Tanore Upazila in Rajshahi (Innalillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun). Robin’s classmates and family members have confirmed the matter. They said, ‘Robin had a lot of fever yesterday. The injection was given at 2 o’clock at night to reduce the fever. Then at around 4 pm he left the world and fell into the lap of death.

Robin Kumar was a student of the 11th batch of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Haldar University in the 2015-16 academic year. He was diagnosed with leukemia and was undergoing treatment at the Hematology Department of Rajshahi Medical College. Doctors at Rajshahi Medical College advised Robin to be taken to India.

One million twenty seven thousand three hundred and fifty three (10,27,353.2) rupees was raised for chemotherapy treatment. According to the latest decision of the chairperson of her department, teachers and students, all activities to collect money for Robin on May 2, 2021 have been declared closed. Earlier, his classmates asked for at least 20 rupees to save Robin.

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