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Robbery in Messi’s hotel room

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Lionel Messi is the victim of theft and robbery. Thieves broke into his hotel room and looted thousands of pounds of cash and jewelery. The incident took place last Wednesday at the five-star Le Royal Monquee Hotel in Paris. According to a report in the British media The Sun.

The thieves entered the hotel from outside the building through the roof. He then entered the room through the unlocked porch door. CCTV cameras saw two men on the roof with a bag. But they could not identify them.

A spokesman said there was very tight security and it was being investigated. Evidence has been found that the thieves are very experienced.

A woman enters the victim’s house and finds that she has no earrings, necklaces or cash. The woman told The Sun, “It’s very frustrating when someone enters your room after paying in a safe place. Police told us they saw two men on the roof with a bag on a CCTV camera. But they could not identify them. Three more thefts occurred, they added. A Moroccan citizen lives in the next room. He said he could not find his watch.

However, Messi was not harmed. However, the question has arisen about the security of the hotel, how people enter such a famous hotel from outside and leave with their belongings. Paris police said the matter would be investigated and action would be taken against the hotel authorities.

After leaving Barcelona and joining PSG, Lionel Messi stayed at the Royal Monao Hotel in Paris. Messi has to pay 17 thousand euros in this hotel for one day only. Before the arrival of the Argentine legend, stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna have been here. As a result, there is no time to question security here.

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