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Revealed the mystery of the murder of an unidentified disabled person in Ishwardi, 04 arrested

Dewan Sobuj, Ishwardi (Pabna): The main secret of the murder of an unidentified disabled person has been revealed at the house of Jahidul Islam Prang (49) in Rahimpur of Sahapur Union of Pabna Ishwardi. All the accused have been arrested.

Superintendent of Police Mohammad Mahibul Islam Khan gave details of the murder at a press briefing at Ishwardi police station today.

A vigilant team of police led by Additional Superintendent of Police of Ishwardi Mr. Firoz Kabir and OC Asaduzzaman started work. Jahidul’s wife Samela Begum was brought to Ishwardi police station for questioning but failed to give the name and address of the victim. He even denies being involved in the incident. The body was sent to the morgue after autopsy of the body of disabled beggar Milon on 25/08/2021.

According to the investigation, the deceased were identified as Md Milon Hossain, 30, father of Abu Bakkar Matubbar, mother-in-law Rafeza Begum, Sang-Kanfardi, Thana-Nagarkanda, District-Faridpur. She is physically handicapped. Can’t walk normally. He used to stay at his father-in-law’s house in the landless neighborhood of Karpasdanga during the visit of Damurhuda police station in Chuadanga district. Accused involved in the incident at one stage of the investigation 1. Md. Zahidul Islam Prang, 2. Shri Niranjan Chandra Das from Ullapara of Sirajganj district on 27/08/2021 AD and 3. Md. Shakil was arrested from Ishwardi on the same date.

During interrogation, they said that Victim Milon met Victim Milon while he was begging in Darshana area of ​​Chuadanga district 5/6 years ago. Accused Zahidul Islam used to take Milon in his van and beg in Darshan area for a few years due to his identity. At one stage, the accused Jahidul Islam returned to his own house from Darshan. Later, the accused Zahidul brought Victim Milon to his rented house in Rail Bazar area of ​​Chatmohar police station of Pabna district on a monthly contract of Rs. 10,000 / -. Another man named Niranjan used to live in that house. Jahidul used to take Milon in his van and beg from him and sometimes Niranjan used to do the same with Victim Milon.

After begging for 2 months, if the victim owes Rs. 20,000 / – to Milon, the accused Zahidul starts to delay the victim Milon by paying Rs. 5,000 / – and not the remaining Rs. 15,000 / -. The accused Jahidul and Victim Milon had a quarrel. The accused then planned to kill Zahidul, Zahidul’s wife Samela, son Shakil and Niranjan Victim Milon. According to their plan, they woke up Victim Milon, who was sleeping in Jahidul’s son Shakil’s room, at around 01.00 pm on 24/07/2021. Defendant Niranjan sat on Victim Milon’s chest with the intention of murder and grabbed Victim’s two hands with his hands.

Defendant Shakil grabbed the victim’s throat and defendant Zahidul Islam pressed on the victim’s testicles and punched the victim’s penis on the head with a blade. In this situation, when the victim became numb, the accused put Victim Milon on the van in their rented house for the purpose of diverting the incident. According to them, the accused Samela confirmed the death of Victim Milon by electrifying Milon with the electric wire of the charger van.

In the morning, the victim went to the other members of the house to open the charger of the van, preached that he had been electrocuted and died. In the morning of 24/08/2021, the accused Zahidul picked up the body of the victim in his van, covered it with a pillow under his head, the accused Niranjan on one side and Samela on the other side. Bella hid the body in Manik’s bedroom for burial somewhere nearby. Meanwhile, the police got the news and recovered the body.

A total of 04 accused have been arrested in this incident. Among them, Jahidul and Niranjan have given a confessional statement in the wise court on 26/08/2021 as per section 164 of the FBI Act.

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