August 10, 2022, 5:50 pm

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Residents of Haor area are in danger of flood

Sunamganj Representative :

Residents of Tahirpur on the border of Haor in Sunamganj are fearing floods due to rising water levels in the river Haor due to steep slopes from Meghalaya upstream of India and continuous rains for several days. The water of the river Pahari Chhara and Haor of Tahirpur in Sunamganj is now flowing down the slope coming down from the upper reaches of Meghalaya.

Although it did not cross the danger line, every river including the border rivers Jadukata Patlai, Boulai, Rakti Bagli Chhara and Tangua, Matian and Shanir Haor are now full of flood water. The water is constantly rising. As a result, residents of Tahirpur in Sunamganj are in danger of floods.

According to the Sunamganj Water Development Board (Paubo), the water of Surma river flowed 03 cm below the danger level and the water of Jadukata river flowed 74 cm below the danger level on Saturday evening. In addition, the water level in Kushiyara, Loba, Dhalai and 18 hilly huts and haors including Patlai, Boulai and Baglichhara in Tahirpur continued to rise till Saturday night. Anxiety is also growing as water levels continue to rise.

Sunamganj Paubo executive engineer on Saturday night. Shamsuddoha said if the rains continue in Meghalaya for the next 24 hours, if the situation worsens, a temporary flood situation could arise.

Meanwhile, the road communication system of seven unions with Tahirpur Upazila Sadar has been cut off as the water level in rivers and haors has been rising since midnight on Saturday. Several sections of Tahirpur-Badaghat, Badaghat Sohala, Tahirpur-Anwarpur, Laurgarh-Maheshkhela border road Chanpur-Tekerghat, Lalghat-Charagaon road have been submerged under water.
Motorcycles, autorickshaws and pick-up trucks have been stopped on these roads for the past one week. People traveling to the Upazila Sadar to take emergency services are using small engine-driven boats, speedboats, and home-made boats at the risk of haors and waterways.

Tahirpur Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) said. Raihan Kabir said that although the water level in rivers and haors has increased, the flood situation in Tahirpur has not yet improved.

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