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‘Rental power plant is in the interest of plundering the ruling party’

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Dhaka :

The BNP leader said the rent-based power plants were set up only “in the interest of plundering the ruling Awami League”. Arbitrary corruption was created by passing the law of impunity for all the activities of setting up these power plants. Even though they did not produce electricity, a large part of the people’s tax money went into the pockets of the ‘Awami corrupt’ as a result of paying rent. Extreme financial losses have been incurred by increasing the price of electricity several times every year.

The BNP secretary general protested against various recent statements of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina about the party’s founder ‘Declarer of Liberation War’ Ziaur Rahman and his grave. He said that by presenting ‘illegal false information’ in Parliament with the aim of misleading the people, he (Sheikh Hasina) was basically making a ‘conspiracy’ to hide the people’s democratic rights and the movement for restoration of democracy.

Mirza Fakhrul said, “The meeting of the standing committee thinks that the people are being deceived by distorting the history.” Such perverted propaganda against Shaheed Ziaur Rahman is nothing but a conspiracy against freedom and sovereignty. ‘

Expressing concern over the publication of the draft personal information law on the official website, Fakhrul said such a law was a conspiracy to deprive citizens of their right to free expression by talking about the protection of personal information. It will become a major threat to democracy.

The BNP secretary general also condemned the demand for information on bank accounts of journalist leaders. “We think that they (the government) have taken another strategy to suppress freedom of expression, freedom of the press,” he said.
Mirza alleged that BNP supporters were attacked in New York

Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. He said, “You have seen that those who support the BNP in Jackson Heights, New York, have been attacked by Awami League terrorists. Today, I strongly condemn this incident through a press conference.

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