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Recovered the lost mobile phone in Rajbari and returned it to the owner’s Police Super Mizanur Rahman PPM (BAR)

Kazi Tutul: Recover the lost mobile phone in Rajbari to the real owner’s Superintendent of Police Md. Mizanur Rahman PPM (Bar) returned. on Thursday (December 17) afternoon at the office of the Superintendent of Police A press briefing was organized on the occasion in the Conference room.
At that time Rajbari was under District Superintendent of Police Md. Mizanur Rahman recovered 8 lost mobile phones  handed over to the actual owners. The police superintendent said, “Many people complained to us and after investigating those allegations, we recovered the mobiles with great difficulty.
So that people have the idea that things can be found when they are lost. Recovering a lost mobile is a very complicated task. These things have been done by my colleagues. We are 27 before I recovered and returned the mobile. This time I returned 8 mobiles. In the middle we also returned 5 mobiles.
This is how we want to serve people. Smart mobile phone costs around thirty thousand taka. It is difficult for a needy person to buy another when lost. And mobile is not just mobile. Like a computer. Many of which Contains necessary information. So that people get confidence in the police. So that way The police are really friends of the people. We are working tirelessly towards that goal.
Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration and Crime) Md.Salahuddin, Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Sheikh Sharif-uz-Zaman, Pangsha Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Shahadat Hossain, Baliakandi Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Tariquzzaman, DIO-1 Md. Saidur Rahman, DIO-2 Pranbandhu biswas faith is important.

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