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Recommendation of the Minister in Sylhet The police submitted the final report to the court!

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet: In Jaintapur, Sylhet, on the recommendation of the ruling party minister, the police have settled a case worth around half a crore rupees. This has caused a stir in the minds of the people. Jaintapur Model Police also mentioned only Tainoy Expatriate and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed in the final report. Although it is mysterious, it is true that the police filed regular cases after finding out the truth of the incident based on the allegations of the plaintiff. Whose case No. 4/232. On November 3, 2020, the police considered the case as an FIR. But the case sank prematurely into the lobbying trade of the ruling party’s minister. Therefore, the conscious community thinks that the final chargesheet submitted by the police on the orders of a minister disobeying the orders of the higher authorities of the police is not legal at all. According to them, the administration has been affected in this case and the seizure of power has been shown. In addition, the independence of the police has been interfered with, which is against the law.

It is learned that Yusuf Mia (35), son of late Abdul Alim of Mokampunji village, has been named as the main accused in the case of unauthorized entry into the tea garden of Chandan Singh, son of Kanai Singh of Sreepur Tea Garden in Jaintapur. He filed a case with Jaintapur Model Police Station on November 3, 2020 accusing 15/20 people. It mentions the theft value of forty lakh rupees. Which the police have not yet been able to recover. In such a situation, the matter came to the notice of the ruling party minister (MP) Imran Ahmed. The trade and power struggle of his lobbying began. And Jaintapur police fell into that trap. At one stage, on 27 November 2020, the police submitted the final report to the court. In that report, the investigating officer of the case, SI Md. Azizur Rahman, pointed out that after discussing the case with the Hon’ble Minister of Expatriate and Overseas Employment, he advised to submit a final report on the case. Accordingly, without delaying the investigation of the case, the Senior Judicial Magistrate filed the final chargesheet in the court No. 5, Jaintapur Court, Sylhet.

Meanwhile, according to the chargesheet sources, the statements of more than one person have been taken in accordance with Section 161 of the Penal Code. But for mysterious reasons, the police did not record any statement of the minister to prove that testimony? However, the police has mentioned about the minister in the final report. Court sources further confirmed that the judge of the court also expressed his displeasure after the submission of the chargesheet. Speculations are going on in the court premises as well. However, a court inspector of the court, who did not want to be named, told reporters that the chargesheet may be sent back to the police for correction. At that time, he said, if the court wants, the investigating officer of the case and the investigating officer and the officer-in-charge can protest. However, he said that it is the jurisdiction of the court.

In this regard, the investigating officer of the case of Jaintapur Model Police Station, SI Md. Azizur Rahman, while talking on the mobile phone, admitted the truth of the incident and requested not to publish the news!

When contacted by Inspector (Investigation) Md. Omar Farooq on his mobile phone, he said that no such final report has been sent to the court. At this time he tried to cover up the matter. On the other hand, when contacted by Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Mohsin Ali, he said that the minister was mistakenly included in the chargesheet which should not have happened. Because he solved the whole thing himself. Talking to plaintiff Chandan Singh on his mobile phone, he said, “I am out of Sylhet now.” He cut off the connection of the mobile phone to talk about it directly.

Talking to Minister for Expatriate and Overseas Employment (MP) Imran Ahmed of Sylhet-4 constituency on his mobile phone, he said he did not remember any such incident. At this time, he requested the reporter to send a document of the final report. But no good answer was received from him in that regard.

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