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Raw banana is ripening in four hours in Rupganj

Md. Rashedul Islam, Rupganj (Narayanganj): Banana is a very beneficial and nutritious fruit for the human body, so there is a huge demand for banana everywhere. And by capitalizing on it, unscrupulous traders are mixing harmful chemicals in immature and raw bananas. The green banana turns yellow in just four hours due to the poisoning of this chemical. Unscrupulous traders are marketing these bananas mixed with toxic chemicals knowing that they are deadly risk to human body. In the greed of more profit, the traders are committing these criminal activities day by day but the administration does not notice them.

According to the investigation, such poisonous adulterated bananas are being sold wholesale in the banana warehouses located at Mir Market near Murapara, Bhulta, Abdul Haq Super Market, Ruposhi Bus Stand, Saoghat Palli Bidyut Office in Rupganj Upazila. Retailers are buying these bananas wholesale and selling them in the local market. Although the bananas are attractive and tempting to look at, each banana is full of poison. As a result, buyers or consumers are suffering serious health losses. It is also known that banana growers spread various pesticides by spraying in the name of repelling the virus before cutting the banana leaves. Even before the bananas enter Rupganj Upazila, the wholesalers spray a variety of pesticides including Profit, Marshall, Hildon, Riser, Basudin, Ethylene, Ripen. Experts say that the nutrition and taste of banana is lost as a result of mixing chemicals in stages.

Experts say that people are currently suffering from various long-term diseases by eating bananas mixed with harmful chemicals. They are suffering from stomach ailments, diarrhea, jaundice, gastritis, shortness of breath, asthma, liver and kidney problems. Also causes serious harm to pregnant women. Even fetuses can be handicapped.

The conscious community of Rupganj has sought the intervention of Rupganj Upazila Administration to avoid these problems. They have demanded that the unscrupulous traders be brought to justice.

If you want to know about the health risks of these poisonous bananas Rupganj Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer. Nur Jahan Ara Khatun said that these bananas mixed with chemicals are deadly harmful to health. Eating these bananas is more likely to cause nausea and diarrhea. And after consuming food mixed with chemicals, it becomes flammable and is excreted through the liver and kidneys. The effects of these chemicals can cause serious harm to pregnant women. Even unborn babies can be handicapped. So the health officer advises to avoid these foods.

Rupganj Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Atiqul Islam said mixing chemicals in bananas was a serious crime. If anyone commits such crime, legal action will be taken against him.

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