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Rape by calling for vaccination, attempted murder by burning!

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Raipura (Narsingdi) Representative :


In Raipura upazila of Narsingdi, an expatriate’s wife was called to be vaccinated and an attempt was made to burn her to death after raping her. The incident took place in Lochanpura area of ​​Uttar Bakhnagar union of the upazila on Saturday night. The woman alleged that the in-laws had caused the incident.

The burnt housewife said that the mother of one daughter was living abroad. On that occasion, the in-laws often tortured her and her daughter for no reason. A year ago, Debor Ali Hossain kicked his daughter in the leg. The housewife’s father filed a case with the police station. From then on, the in-laws were pressuring the housewife to take up the case. Due to their torture, the woman left her husband’s house and went to her father’s house in Sobanpur.

He was called to his father-in-law’s house in Morjal area on Saturday to get vaccinated. From there in the afternoon Debor Ali Hossain, Nanad Taslima Begum, Nanad’s son Shahriar and Ja Rahima Begum went to the Upazila Health Complex to get vaccinated by CNG. After the evening, her brother-in-law took her to a secluded place, took her down from the CNG and raped her. Later he picked it up again in CNG and started moving around. At one stage, his brother-in-law poured some liquid into his body, pulled him down from the CNG and set him on fire.

In the middle of a bamboo bush in the Lochanpur area on the side of the Raipura-Baraicha road, the people of the area rushed forward at the screams of a burnt woman. They continued to pour water on his body. Later, a local man took him to Raipura Upazila Health Complex.

Upazila Health Complex, Assistant Surgeon in charge of the emergency department. AKM Rezaul Islam Khan said that about 60 percent of the woman’s body was burnt. With first aid, he was sent to Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery in Dhaka.

Raipura Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Govinda Sarkar said a case was pending in the incident. Housewife Debor Ali Hossain and nuns’ son Shahriar have been arrested on charges of being involved in the incident. An investigation is underway to uncover the truth.

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