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‘Rakshak is a eater’ in Jaintapur?

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Staff Reporter, Sylhet :


What else can the nation expect from them when ‘Rakshak is a eater’ in Jaintapur, Sylhet? That is why the nation is lost today from the law, justice and governance departments. A secret document of the case from Jaintapur Model Police has already gone viral on Facebook. Also with a mainstream journalist.


Insecurity, job insecurity, irregular pay were once the norm, as well as the awe-inspiring respect for journalism and journalists. But now it can be seen that some administration officials do not have that morality and respect towards journalists. Such an advance conditional message has been matched in this case. Not only that, the author and journalist had earlier published several investigative reports against the Jaintapur Model Police in online newspapers including local dailies and national dailies. After all this, they posted an important document of the last stage of the case to cover their misdeeds before reaching the court. In this way, they have explained how much the journalist is their enemy. However, even though it is mysterious, the truth is that they also proved that they are murderers and smugglers.


Meanwhile, it is learned that the journalist Arun Sarkar was arrested by the elite force at night and later handed over to the Jaintapur Model Police Station. But that night the police, jealous of the murderer-drug dealer-smugglers, quickly made a report with a very enthusiastic mindset. In that raised (document) note box, the police mentioned that ‘during the preliminary investigation, it was found out that the accused Arun Sarkar is a professional drug dealer. It is known locally that he often smuggles yaba / drugs from India legally and illegally. He has been supplying yaba tablets to various places in Sylhet under the guise of journalism in order to facilitate the drug trade and it is rumored that he is a yaba dealer in the area. The arrow of suspicion is on the police and smugglers. There is a storm of discussion in the minds of the people that they have all come together and hanged the journalist Arun by fabricating a conspiratorial lie. However, after the leak of this document, it caught everyone’s attention. The document was published on Facebook before it reached the court. The morning after the incident? It is clear that they have staged this Judge Mia drama to cover up their misdeeds and put journalist Arun in trouble. If Arun was not called a dealer or a businessman even in the statement of the nationalist case, then why did the police give birth to this drama, what is their interest?


According to the published news sources, journalist Arun published some news against some unscrupulous policemen of the police station under the headline of extortion trade, tender trade, FIR worth twenty thousand rupees. In order to meet the remnants of this, he was finally shown arrested with ৬8 pieces of yaba. Surprising as it may be, it is true that many criminal incidents happen silently, but many things remain elusive. As in this case, one drama after another is being born. The journalist’s family is also expressing doubts about the investigation. Because if three unbelievers testify as one, even good people can be trapped. The syndicate team is trying to take the speed of explosion of this case in that direction.


It is also learned that the journalist had gone to Chhatarkhai village on the day of the incident to cover a murder. He was arrested on the way. He went to that area after a long two years. In the meantime, the yaba seller made him a dealer again and made the stage of the drama!


Surprisingly, the main accused in the case is Abdul Karim, a prominent businessman of Rice Mill and father of an expatriate child. Attempts are being made to frame him in another murder case. He has already filed an application with the Inspector General of Police on June 15 to get relief from the case. At present, the circle officer in charge of Kanaighat-Jainta police station is investigating the application. Journalist Arun also published the news of this application. Later, the defendants, the murderers, the smugglers and some unscrupulous policemen gave birth to this dramatic incident in self-defense.


The murderer / embezzler of government rice Zakaria Mahmud and the smuggler Rafiq, the officer in charge of the police station along with the defendant Tafazzul, SI Shahedul, SI are working simultaneously as the guru of the holy drama. Allegations of mountainous irregularities and corruption against them have been published in various media and online news portals. However, this syndicate group is getting away from the eyes of the intelligence agencies. However, the smuggler Rafiq, who is a banana plant with swollen fingers, is listed in the intelligence agency. Others are going beyond the reach of the law. As soon as the news was published against them, attempts were made to harass the journalists in various ways including lawsuits. But they remain down!


Even then, what can those selfish quarters say that journalist Arun is a yaba trader, trader or salesman. Arun Sarkar is the chief reporter of the national daily Tarun Kantha. Someone wrote that they have been evicted from the area, etc …. If such false rumors are spread without knowing the truth, then one has to bear one’s guilt today or tomorrow. It is better to refrain from publishing such false news.


Meanwhile, when asked about the leaked documents, the investigating officer of the case, Siraj, said on his mobile phone that he did not know anything about the matter.

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