October 19, 2021, 12:13 pm

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Pucca building has not been built in 37 years!

Aminul Islam, Sakhipur (Tangail): In the 37 years since the establishment of Ichadighi Dakhil Madrasa in Sakhipur, Tangail, no concrete building has been constructed. As a result, the educational environment is being destroyed due to lack of infrastructural development of the institution.

It is learned that the only religious educational institution of Gazaria Union of the upazila was established in 1984. As there is no other institution in the area to meet the needs of the locals, the madrasa began to progress with the help of local eminent and education-loving people to further expand Islamic education. There is no suitable environment for teaching in dilapidated classrooms. In 1986, the madrasa became a government grant (MPO). At present there are more than a hundred students in the institution.

Several students of the madrasa said that they are having problems to study as there is no building in our institution. Moreover, the floor of the classroom is raw, so it is very difficult for us to class in the dust. Iqbal Gafur, a former student of Atra Madrasa, former president of Sakhipur Press Club and assistant professor of Sakhipur Residential Women’s College, said it was a long-standing institution. I request the concerned authorities of the government to speed up the construction of the madrasa. Maulana Mohammad Ali Azad, former superintendent of the madrasa, said, “I have been the superintendent since its inception.

” It has been 36 years since the establishment of the madrasa. Despite the success of the results, no development has been touched. Due to the lack of infrastructural development of the madrasa, academic activities are being conducted with extreme risk. He requested the concerned authorities for infrastructural development. Md. Abdur Rashid, acting superintendent of the madrasa, said he achieved good results in public examinations. Although the madrasa was run with good reputation, no development was touched.

As there is no pucca building allotted by the government, academic activities are conducted in dilapidated tin houses. If it rains a little, it is not suitable for teaching. MA Hakim, president of the Madrasa Management Committee, said, “Ichadighi Dakhil Madrasa has come a long way since its inception. There is no government allocation for infrastructure development. Students are sitting at risk in a dilapidated tin room.

Upazila Secondary Education Officer. Mofizul Islam told Daily Morning Glory that pucca buildings are being constructed in all the institutions in phases and pucca buildings will also be constructed in Ichadighi Dakhil Madrasa.

“I am aware of the matter,” local MP Adv. Zoaherul Islam (VP Zoaher) told the Daily Morning Glory. Allocated one lakh rupees for house renovation. A pucca building will be allotted to the madrasa in a very short time.

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