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Publication of list of SSC and equivalent examination centers

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SSC and equivalent examinations will start on November 14. The Dhaka Board of Education has published the list of SSC and equivalent examination centers.

The list was published on the website of Dhaka Education Board on Monday (October 11).

It is learned that this year’s SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent examinations will start from November 14. The SSC theoretical examination will start on November 14 and end on November 23. This time the result will be given by evaluating the result of the theoretical examination JSC and mapping the number. Three tests will be taken on three elective subjects.

In this test the time, number and questions have been shortened. The results of SSC and equivalent examinations will be published this year by adding the numbers of three subjects. However, all subjects will be tested in technology. SSC and equivalent examinations start at the beginning of February every year. But due to Corona, preparations are underway to take the exam in a short syllabus.

On the other hand, the theoretical subjects in the HSC examination will start on December 2 and end on December 30.

Number of tests:

The Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the number division of SSC and HSC examinations. Candidates of Science Department of SSC and HSC will take part in the examination number 32 in each subject. There will be 20 marks in essay and 12 marks in MCQ (impersonal). In the subjects of the Department of Humanities and Business Education, the students will give an examination of 45 marks. Of these, 30 essay essays and 15 impersonal examinations will be held. The number obtained will be determined by converting the compositional and impersonal numbers to 100 numbers.

Number division in SSC science:

In the SSC examination number division published by the Dhaka Board, it has been said that in the compositional part of the examination in Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics and Biology, the students have to give the examination number 32. Candidates will have to take part in essay number 20 and impersonal part number 12.

Although there are 8 questions in the essay section of the science section, students have to answer any two. 10 to 20 numbers. In the impersonal part, 12 out of 25 questions have to be answered. Number 12 here. Students of science department in SSC will have to take part in the examination number 32 in total.

The Board of Education says that the total marks obtained in science will be determined by converting 20 marks of students to 50 marks and 12 marks of impersonal students to 25 marks.

Humanities and Business Number Division of SSC:

Students of Humanities and Business Education Department of SSC will have to take part in the examination number 45. There will be 30 marks for composition and 15 marks for impersonality. Although there are 11 questions in the essay part, any 3 questions have to be answered. The value of each is 10. The impersonator has 30 questions but has to answer 15 questions. A total of 15 with 1 number for each question.

The board will determine the total number of students by converting 30 marks of humanities and business education students to 60 marks and 15 marks of impersonal students. Each subject will be tested in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Essay 1 hour 15 minutes and impersonal time 15 minutes.

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