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Public transport is going on, but the anarchy has not stopped!

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj :

In the face of the second wave of corona, the festival of fare robbery is going on in the name of charging double fare by loading extra passengers in public transport ignoring the instructions to carry half the passengers in public transport. It has been alleged that the lives of ordinary people of low and middle income have become unbearable due to this.

Although the fare has been increased by 60 percent, 100 percent is being collected from the passengers. On the other hand, even though there are instructions to carry half of the passengers, the passengers are being taken by loading them in other public transports including buses. All in all, the people of the district have become hostages in the hands of transport owners and workers.

In Habiganj, cases and fines were levied through mobile mobile courts for non-compliance with government-prescribed hygiene rules on public transport. Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Executive Magistrate Barnali Pal conducted a mobile mobile court at noon on Thursday (June 10). At that time, four cases and a fine of Tk 2,700 were levied for transporting passengers and charging extra fare in public transport ignoring the health rules prescribed by the government.

It can be seen at first hand, ‘In the Corona crisis, bus fares have been increased by 60 per cent to run public transport with half the passengers following the hygiene rules, but now most of the public transport in the country is not following the hygiene rules. Buses, CNG, tomtoms and other public transport are carrying passengers in the old fashioned way with increased fares. As a result, the movement of working people, laborers and low-income people, unemployed and ordinary people of the declining country has become miserable. As a result, women, children, sick patients and office-going passengers are suffering indescribably. Passengers and workers of public transport plying on every route in the district are fighting, squabbling and fighting over the extra fare.

It is learned that after being closed for more than a month, public transport was started with conditions. Half of the passengers, driver-assistants and passengers were required to wear mandatory masks and the transport was disinfected. Anarchic picture has been seen since the introduction of public transport. Most of the public transports in the district do not have health problems. Although half the seats were supposed to be empty, passengers were being taken as desired. In some buses it is seen that all the seats are being filled and passengers are being taken. Although some seats are vacant, passengers are being picked up in some buses. Besides, many passengers are not wearing masks.

The same is true of the driver-assistant. There is no deviation in collecting extra rent even if the health rules are not followed. On the contrary, due to taking extra passengers, the bus workers are having regular meetings with the ordinary passengers.

In this situation, the government has extended the period of restrictions again. Not only public transport, but also other guidelines given by the government are not being followed. In this situation, there are doubts about the implementation of the new restrictions.

A passenger named Azizur Rahman expressed his displeasure in this regard and said, “It is as if ‘Maghre Mulluk’ passengers will also take extra, double fare. Yet we are speechless! Seeing these injustices in front of my eyes, I am keeping silent, even if someone is protesting, other passengers are playing the role of silent spectators. The caretaker government or the legislators are fulfilling their responsibilities by announcing. Although there is talk of one person in the seat, ignoring the law, in front of the eyes of the administration, various transports are running unjustly with double fare with double passengers. But in this case, the conscious community thinks that many passengers are responsible? Not everyone can afford it, so I have to accept what the driver says is illegal? Don’t protest! How long!

In this regard, Executive Magistrate Barnali Pal said, “We will continue such operations on a regular basis. No one will be allowed to transport passengers in any type of vehicle in violation of government orders and hygiene rules.”

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