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Providing grants to pregnant women at the initiative of FPAB in Dinajpur

Md. Abu Kawsar, Dinajpur: On Sunday (December 13) at the FPAB Adv: M Faizur Rahman Auditorium in Ghasipara, organized by the Dinajpur District Branch of the Bangladesh Family Planning Association (FPAB) with the funding of the Bangladesh Samaj Kalyan Parishad, 10 people were assisted in the safe delivery Financial grant of Rs. 1500 is given to pregnant mothers.

FPAB Dinajpur District Branch President Prof. ANM Golam Rabbani presided over the function and Md. Mainul Islam, City Social Service Officer spoke as the Chief Guest. Former President of FPAB Dinajpur District Branch Md. Abdus Samad, Unpaid Treasurer Shah Yazdan Marshall spoke on the occasion.

FPAB Dinajpur District Branch District Officer Olive Al Asad discussed the content. Md. Shahinur Islam, Program Coordinator of FPAB acted as the moderator.

Chief Guest City Social Service Officer Md. Mainul Islam said the government is providing financial assistance to pregnant women to reduce child mortality and ensure safe motherhood.

FPAB has been working for decades as a non-profit organization to ensure safe motherhood, including maternal and child health and reproductive health.

District Officer Olive Al Asad said the FPAB has been working since 1953 to provide the necessary health care and counseling to the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed people of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. ANM Golam Rabbani said that Bangladesh Social Welfare Council has been providing grants to the extremely poor and abused pregnant women every year through FPAB. Because we know that if the mother is not healthy, she cannot give birth to a healthy child.

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