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Protest procession and fire in Cox’s Bazar in protest of the case: the city is paralyzed

Cox’s Bazar Representative /

A case has been registered against Cox’s Bazar district Awami League general secretary and municipality mayor Mujibur Rahman for allegedly ordering the shooting of former Cox’s Bazar district BCL vice-president and district Juba League leader Monaf Sikder.

His supporters, supporters and agitated people have been protesting and setting fire to the road since Sunday evening in protest of the case. As a result, all the shops in Cox’s Bazar city have been closed. Traffic has also stopped. Long-distance passengers, including several thousand tourists, are in trouble.

Earlier, former BCL leader Monaf Sikder, 32, was shot dead at Kalatali Sugandha Point in the city around 9:15 pm on Wednesday. He was first treated at the emergency department of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital. He was then sent to Chittagong Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment. He is currently undergoing treatment at Chamek Hospital.

Injured Monaf Sikder’s elder brother Mohammad filed a case against eight people with Mayor Mujibur Rahman as the main accused in the incident on Sunday afternoon. Shahjahan. District Awami League organizing secretary Nazneen Sarwar Kaberi has been made the second accused in the case.

The other defendants in the case, said the city’s Badsha Ghona area. Sarwar Kamal Prakash Sabuj, Sadeq Ullah Siddiqui of the same area, Khairul Amin and his father Nurul Amin of Jhautla car field area of ​​the city, Abdul Jabbar of Tekpara area and Abu Siddique Khokon of New Baharchhara area. Sources said that all the accused are leaders and activists of Awami League and Juba League.

When news of the case against Mayor Mujibur Rahman spread, his activists, supporters and agitated people took to the streets in the evening. They started protesting with procession rallies and road barricades. Then all the jute and bus counters in the city were closed. The cleaning workers of the municipality stopped the traffic by leaving the garbage truck of the municipality in the middle of the road. The agitated people set fire to the road and created obstacles. This has stopped all types of traffic including long distance buses. Thousands of tourists are stranded in the city.

Sources said that a person recorded a video of Monaf Sikder who was injured while undergoing treatment at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital on Wednesday night. In the video, Monaf Sikder said, “I was shot at the behest of Mujibur Rahman Mayor.” The video immediately spread on Facebook.

However, Mayor Mujibur Rahman said, “This case has been filed conspiratorially.” Monaf Sikder is a terrorist identified in the city. There are several cases against him for various crimes including murder. Recently, Monaf with his terrorist forces seized a man’s land in Kalatali area of ​​the city. He has filed a case against me to cover up his misdeeds. ‘

Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sheikh Munirul Gias said police were investigating who was involved in the shooting of former BCL leader Monaf Sikder. In this case, the real culprits will be brought under the law.

Cox’s Bazar Acting Superintendent of Police. According to Rafiqul Islam, Monaf Sikder’s brother, who was shot by the miscreants, has filed a case as a plaintiff. The case was recorded today. Mayor Mujibur Rahman has been made the number one accused.

He said police would investigate the allegation. Further action will be taken after finding out who is involved in this incident. Additional police have been deployed in the city to maintain law and order, he said.

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