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Protect Lung CRB In Chittagong

Md. Shahadat Hossain: CRB of historical landscape known as the lungs of Chattala,a hill surrounded by trees in the heart of Chittagong city.In which there are tombs of many freedom fighters,land intertwined with the memory of martyrs and freedom fighters.Involved with it are the souls and love of many wise men,poets and writers.It is a famous place for people to go for afternoon walks and entertainment.

From time to time in the footsteps of poets,writers,researchers,cultural personalities,the quiet and beautiful natural environment is evident.

The construction of private hospitals and colleges,nursing training centers will create unrest.The chatter of free-thinking, thought-provoking,well-wishers and cultural personalities will be lost.Trees and animals surrounded by mountains will be destroyed.Humans and animals that survive in a healthy-socially natural air will suffer from a lack of oxygen.

There will be no chirping of animals, no chirping,no roaming of animals and insects.Because this CRB located in the middle of the city of Chittagong is the oxygen of the whole city,to destroy it means to cripple Chittagong,to shake the existence of Chittagong.

The world poet Rabindranath Tagore has chosen in his poem, “Give back that forest, take this city,take as much iron, lost wood and stone,O civilization”!

The lungs of the world are called “Amazon forest” of Africa and the lungs of Chittagong are called CRB.Therefore,it is the moral responsibility of all to protect the CRB.The people of Chittagong cannot accept such a loss.

There may be more hospitals in Chittagong but not in CRB.It will benefit the people of Chittagong whether they are rich or poor,but it does not destroy the CRB.

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