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Promise of non-toxic crop Production of organic fertilizer in Mithapukur

Amirul Kabir Suzan, Mithapukur (Rangpur): BA Agro is working on the promise of non-toxic crop by producing ‘earthworm manure’ in Mithapukur, Rangpur. Entrepreneur Babul Akhtar wants to play a role in building an enlightened society free of unemployment by producing this fertilizer. Babul Akhtar, son of Liaquat Ali of Milonpur village in the upazila’s union, started producing earthworm manure three years ago. He is currently producing worm manure in 60 concrete rings on a regular basis.

Locally known as earthworm compost or earthworm manure. Marginal farmers are increasingly interested in using these organic fertilizers to produce non-toxic crops. Many farmers are now using this earthworm fertilizer as a gift to detoxify vegetables.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Entrepreneurs, the discarded parts of vegetables, half-rotted dung, banana and water hyacinth are mixed together and the earthworms are released there. The earthworms eat these dirt, defecate, decompose and reproduce. The decomposed product of earthworms is mainly converted into organic fertilizer. Vermicompost is the organic fertilizer made from earthworm droppings or feces. That vermi compost is being produced commercially in Mithapukur upazila.

Babul Akhtar said, “We produce earthworm manure and distribute it among the local farmers free of cost at the beginning.” Then seeing the interest of the farmers, my will power increased even more. There is a guarantee of a non-toxic crop, this earthworm fertilizer is also very profitable financially. Winter vegetable planting will start in the area after one month. There is a huge demand for earthworm manure in the production of these vegetables.

Anwar Hossain, Upazila Agriculture Officer, said that vegetables are being cultivated organically in Mithapukur Upazila. As a result, there is a demand for this fertilizer. The use of this fertilizer also increases the fertility of the soil. Farmers are setting an example by using this fertilizer. We want others to produce and use this organic fertilizer as well.

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