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Prices of onion and broiler chicken have skyrocketed

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Prices of onion and broiler chicken have skyrocketed in the capital market. In the last one week, the price of broiler has gone up by Tk 25 per kg and onion by Tk 30-35. Besides, the price of coarse rice has also increased by Tk 2 to 3. However, there is some relief in raw chillies and eggs.

A visit to Karwan Bazar and Malibagh Bazar in the capital on Thursday showed that broilers were being sold at Tk 180 to 185 per kg, local onions at Tk 70 to 75 and Indian onions at Tk 60 to 65 per kg.

Last week, domestic onions were priced at Rs 155 to Rs 160, Indian onions at Rs 45 to Rs 50 and broilers at Rs 160 to Rs 165. However, a month ago, broiler chickens were sold at a lower price of Tk 125 to 130. The price of Pakistani chicken also increased. The sellers are charging 300 to 320 rupees per kg.

Rokeya, a mother at Karwan Bazar, a saleswoman at Chicken Broiler House, told the media that the price of broiler has gone up by around Tk 20 per kg in the last two days due to the rise in chicken feed prices.

The price of Swarna and BR-28 national rice, which are most in demand in the market, has been increased by Tk 2 to 3 per kg and are being sold at Tk 50 to 53 per kg. And Miniket 62 to 65 rupees, Nazirshail 65 to 70 rupees.

And the already rising prices of sugar, soybean oil and lentils have not come down yet. On September 5, the Commerce Ministry increased the price of soybean oil by Tk 4 per liter to Tk 129 at retail, palm oil by Tk 116 and bottled soybean by Tk 153 per liter.

After that, the maximum price of sugar opened on September 9 was fixed at Tk 74 per kg and packaged sugar at Tk 75 per kg. But nowhere in the capital are retailers selling soybean oil and sugar at this price.

Vendors are selling open soybean oil at 140 to 145 per liter, bottled sugar at 148 to 150 per liter, open sugar at 80 and packaged sugar at 85 to 8৭ rupees. As before, imported lentils are being sold at Rs 90 and local lentils at Rs 105 to Rs 110.

However, a search of the market revealed that most stores do not have open soybean and palm oil.

In this regard, a grocer in Malibagh Bazar said that both open soybean and bottled oil have to be bought at almost the same price. Open soybeans have to be bought at wholesale prices of 137 to 138 rupees. As a result, it has to be sold at 140 to 145 rupees. But if you sell at this price, you have to face the wrath of the government agencies. That’s why traders don’t want to sell open soybean oil.

However, the prices of eggs and raw chillies are declining. The farm can buy a dozen eggs at Rs 105 to Rs 110 and chillies at Rs 120 to Rs 140.

Although winter vegetables have started coming to the market, the prices have gone up. The sellers are charging 60 to 70 rupees per small size cauliflower. Besides, 80 to 90 beans, 100 to 120 tomatoes. However, other vegetables will match between 40 to 50 rupees.

Besides, rui fish is available at Rs 250 to Rs 280 per kg, katal at Rs 300 to Rs 320, koi at Rs 150 to Rs 170 and shrimp at Rs 400 to Rs 800 per kg.

Sharif Hossain, a buyer in Karwan Bazar, said that the prices of goods are rising at different times. The market is actually buying less in quantity now. Prices of vegetables, fish and poultry all went up.

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