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Press conference to protest harassment in Nangalkot

Belal Hossain Reaz, Cumilla: The shareholders of Boxganj BRICS have held a press conference in Nangalkot of Comilla to protest against the harassment by filing a case in the opposite court without paying the dues. The press conference was held at the office room of Boxganj BRICS in Kokali village of Boxganj UP on Monday.

Written statement at the conference Alauddin Company, one of the shareholders of BRICS, said that BRICS started its journey in 2013 with 21 shareholders in Kokali village. According to him, he died in the village of South Aliara in the same UP. Akhter Hossain Nurunnabi, son of Shah Alam, also bought a share for Tk 750,000. The owners of the vats are coming to conduct their business in accordance with the policy of the government. In the last two years, Nurunnabi took bricks worth Tk 6,36,800 from the bricks at different times to build a new house.

Later, for the calculation of the money, Nurunnabi became angry and threatened various kinds of cheeks. At this stage, he recently filed a case in the court saying that he will get money in BRICS. Which is ruining the reputation of the BRICS. He demanded a fair trial. BRICS shareholders Shah Alam Chishti, Ali Nawab Company, Abul Khair, Selim Company, Saidul Haque Company, Hanif Pandit and Khokon Company were present at the occasion.

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