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Potters are busy making idols in Sreepur

Abu Sayed, Sreepur (Gazipur): The white clouds of the blue sky, the horizon, the game of hide and seek of the shadow of Rudra with the Kashaban are giving the message of the arrival of the endless form of autumn and Goddess Durga is coming to earth in a few days. And that is why the potters of Durga Puja are spending their time in making idols in Sreepur, Gazipur. Meanwhile, 53 idols of the upazila are nearing completion without painting. The puja committees are also making necessary preparations for the celebration of the biggest religious festival of the followers of traditional religions in compliance with all the health rules prescribed by the government in the Corona epidemic.

To the followers of traditional religions, Goddess Durga is a symbol of strength and beauty. Every year the goddess appears in this dharadham to destroy the asuras. The followers of traditional religions believe that this puja is organized to remove injustice and filth from this society.

At the moment, Hindus in every part of the country are preparing to receive the goddess. Worship and festivities are coming from house to house. This year, according to the calendar date, the autumn Durga Puja will start on October 11 through Mahasasthi. The Durgotsab will end on October 15 with the abandonment of the idol at the end of Dashmi Puja. Visiting various Durga temples in Sreepur upazila, it can be seen that the work of the first phase of preparation for the autumn Durga Puja is nearing completion. According to the Upazila Puja Celebration Committee, this time Durga Puja will be held in 53 mandapas of the upazila. This year 2 puja mandapas are being set up in Sreepur municipality, 2 in Palladpur, 21 in Rajabari and 2 in Telihati, 1 in Maon, 1 in Gosinga, 14 in Burmi, 10 in Kawraid and a total of 53 puja mandals are being set up in the upazila. The death of the president of the puja celebration committee of Gazipur union will not be celebrated in that union puja.

Nani Gopal Das of Pathantech village in Burmese Union talks to the idol makers about this. He said that every year a team of two / three of them took up the task of making 6 to 7 sets of idols. This year is no exception. He also said that they make idols by mixing the sweetness of their minds.

According to this year’s calendar, the arrival of Goddess Durga will take place on a horse, and the departure will take place on a cradle. This year, special prayers will be offered to the Goddess for the liberation of the world from the global corona epidemic.

After visiting different puja mandapas and talking to the artisans of making idols, it is said that 3 types of clay are required to make idols. It takes 8 to 10 days to make an idol. They also said that due to the Corona epidemic, the number of worships in the country has decreased a lot, so there is less work in their hands this year. Due to which their income has decreased.

Shri Ratan Chandra Shah, General Secretary, Mauna Bazar Puja Celebration Committee, said, “We have instructed to celebrate Puja in compliance with the government health rules for the Corona epidemic. And all matters including this matter will be supervised by the Maona Bazar Puja Celebration Committee. Our overall preparation is 80% complete. Hopefully all the preparations will be completed before the scheduled time.

Hari Narayan Chauhan, general secretary of the Upazila Puja Celebration Parishad, said the autumn Durga Puja would begin in a few days. This year, artisans are working to make idols in 53 mandapas in the upazila. About 80 percent of the work has already been completed. The goddess will soon become embodied in the artist’s paint-brush. Local volunteers are guarding the mandapa mandapa. Worship will be celebrated in four mandapas in four months. Worship is not being held in Gazipur Union this time.

He also said that the executive officer of Sreepur upazila Md. Tariqul Islam is always looking for the preparation of puja in the upazila. Sreepur Police Inspector (Investigation) Mahfuz Imtiaz Bhuiyan said law enforcement (police) was ready for overall security during Durga Puja. The police are ready to cooperate for the peaceful celebration of Durga Puja.

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